Nijhum Dwip: The island of tranquility

In the early 1950s �Char Osman��, a shallow estuary in Bangladesh was declared as Nijhum Dwip which means the island of silence and tranquility.�The reason behind this name is the sparse population of around 25,000 with a very isolated and quiet environment. This really justifies its name. The rich examples of beauty and wildlife, along with the blue waters truly warrant such nomenclature.

Nijhum Dwip is situated in Htiya Upazila of the Noakhali district. The main attraction of Nijhum Dwip is Nijhum Dweep National Park, which was designated as an area for wildlife conservation by the forestry department in 2001. The common species found include Spotted Deer, Keora Tree, Gewa tree, Kankra tree, Bain tree, Babul tree, Karamja tree, Clawless Otter, Fishing Cat, Snakes, Tortoises, Turtles, Dolphins, monkeys and 35 species of birds. The island is an attraction for the tourists.

Nijhum Dwip is a shallow estuary that was christened as the isle of tranquility, for the scenic and serene aura that surrounds it.
Image: Mh Mehedi on Flickr

The others attractions of this destination include Komolar Dwip , Chowdhorir Khal and Kobirajer Chor, Choakhali Sea Beach, Namar Bazar Sea Beach, Domar Chor, Virgin Sea Beach and many more.�The main occupations of the local people inhabiting this Island are mainly fishing and livestock farming. They are also known for their timber felling habits which find use in the construction of their accommodations, as materials for boat making and agricultural implements, as well as fuel for domestic use.

Day by day, Nijhum Dwip is becoming more and more famous as a tourist attraction for both locals and foreign visitors. The government of Bangladesh taking necessary steps to make it safe and more enjoyable for tourists.

The island is a hub for biodiversity, as well as a haunt for tourists.
Image: Mh Mehedi on Flickr

There are several hotels already situated on the island such as the Nijhum Resort. Forest Department has also set up Guest Houses on the island. There are also arrangements for overnight tents that can be made. There are Six Major Markets on the island that can be frequented for raw material and fresh produce. There are also some local restaurants that one can visit for a taste of local fare.

Nijhum Dwip is the most unique and hidden treasure of Bangladesh and those who will visit this island will come back experiencing true peace as a result of the tranquility they experience.

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