Old and Modern Sacrifices

2016-07-11_57837918b3510_IMG-20160625-WA0017As a way of participating and commerating world’s heritage day seven students from the Lilongwe university of agriculture and natural resources under the department of natural resources organized to a close heritage site by the name nsembe which means sacrifice.This site is located in mountainous region under the chieftain of chilowa.In the old days early in the nineteen century when rain was erratic in certain season they used to gather as village with the leaderships of chiefs and offer ahuman sacrifice of chosen child from a particular family to seek and ask their God for enough and reliable rainfall,just after performing this practice rains could come and people could really have agood harvest that season.With time and the coming of human right and of related sorts the involvement of human sacrifice was condemned and was deemed as evil and instead they just now burn the bush as away of saying thanks to their GOd for the good harvest with nsembe site protected by clearing the bush around it so that it catches no fire.The fire also serves other fuctions such as away of chasing fierce animals such as hyena and pythons,it also serves a alocal of managing vegetation and a hunting mechanism for villages for wild animals such as mice and hare.The site up to date has”still has adeep importance and respect by the villagers as nobody is allowed to farm close,no body is allowed to visit the place without proper consultations to the loyals and the chiefs do make sure that the practice is not lost by passing it from generation to generation.This is done when through the inheritance of chieftain ship,before a young new chief starts performing his duties he or she is taught thoroughly about the importance and any of related about the practice.
intangible cultural herutage

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