Bring #makeheritagefun to your city!

Heritage is for all – every one of us owns our heritage. But many times, we doubt this – we tend to believe that governments, heritage organizations own it. #makeheritagefun campaign is GoUNESCO‘s attempt to democratize heritage. We encourage you to discover, explore and interpret local heritage yourself.

WHAT ACTIVITY :  There are several ways to make heritage fun, you can organise a treasure hunt, or a photo walk, or a photo contest, or an alternative museum visit, funny workshops. Consider that “More minds are better than one”, so if you have friends who love heritage like you, involve them in your plan and create together a local MHF team.

WHO IS THE AUDIENCE? : When you have chosen the type of activity, it’s time to prepare your activity.  You can select your activity’s target audience (children, students, adults, all ages) and how many participants you want to involve. 

WHERE? : Consider how many participants you want to involve in your #makeheritagefun activity. Choose a venue with historical importance or lesser known heritage. Do a recce and contact the institution in advance to seek permissions, if necessary. 

WHEN? : Once you’ve decided what, who and where,  close your eyes and imagine the activity. It is very important that you imagine step by step your activity, considering time and duration, and what you need to execute the #makeheritagefun activity to perfection … and to have fun every step of the way! 

INVOLVE LOCAL PARTNERS: Everyone will love your #makeheritagefun activity – so do not be shy with reaching out to associations, organisations, and institutions who can help you to realise your plan. Begin by finding contacts in these organisations online – they should have a Press/Marketing contact listed at their website.  Send them an email or call them for an appointment. You can also attend their activities and introduce yourself after the activity.

BUILD THE PARTNERSHIP:  Involve the contacts you’ve made in the planning of your #makeheritagefun activity. Solicit suggestions but remember – you are the local coordinator. Finalise on the terms of your partnership – They can give you support in different ways – volunteers to help, meeting space on the day of the event, it is up to you. 

NOTE: This step is purely optional – if you are able to plan a #makeheritagefun event on your own – or with friends – go right ahead! 

SOCIAL MEDIA: We are living in a world where communication is quick and easy thanks social media. You can create a Facebook Event Page, add information of your activity and meeting point, post information about the heritage you want to explore and invite friends and colleagues. Share the event page on local Facebook groups, on Instagram, Twitter or on the social media platform of your choice!  PS:Add GoUNESCO as co-host in your event page and  if you want we can help you with a social media strategy – Just email us at  

TRADITIONAL PRESS:  You can contact newspapers and journalist for explaining what you are organising for making your heritage fun, more accessible for all, and global. 

POSTERS: You can design posters, print them or post them online to advertise your activity where-ever you might expect your target audience to see them. 

It’s D-DAY! And by now you’re all set to #makeheritagefun in your city. 

BEGIN BY … : Arrive early and ask attendees to share their names and emails for feedback. Describe the goal of #makeheritagefun – to have fun exploring local heritage while simultaneously  sharing it with a global audience on social media – and then begin the activity.

AND THEN …: Encourage interaction but also independent exploration and make sure everyone uses the #makeheritagefun hashtag when sharing photos and videos – it allows for global conversations around heritage to take place, and amplifies the reach of the event. 

Congratulations! You’ve made heritage fun in your city. Once your event is done  and dusted,  consider sending a congratulatory email to all participants. Also share with them a brief summary of the event, along with all the social media postings from the event. You can use a free service like Tagboard to aggregate posts with the hashtag #makeheritagefun across many social media channels. 

Do share the report with us at GoUNESCO as well – here  – we’d love to hear how it went and will publish your experiences to a global audience of heritage enthusiasts via  



You are not alone – you are in excellent company! Learn from excellent examples from around the world – #makeheritagefun events have been organized in over 125 cities – by GoUNESCO interns, volunteers, heritage organizations, companies and more. Here are a few fun ideas.


Belgrade - Participants visited a scene from a famous movie at the oldest "kafana" in town.


Nairobi - visiting an open air museum dedicated to preservation of Kenyan culture by watching traditional dance performances.

Cairo - kids at the Children’s Civilization and Creativity Center having a go at excavating

Cairo - kids at the Children’s Civilization and Creativity Center having a go at excavating


Delhi - a heritage treasure hunt was organized on the grounds of the Purana Qila.