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For task #3 I have decided to read an article ‘Marinera Norteña; Sensual dialogue of love’ of my task #3 buddy Sandra Graus Quevedo who represented the intangible art of Peru in her task #2.

Therefore, here is a crossword based on certain terms and information on this interesting Peruvian dance.

Peruvian Marinera crossword

I’ve found this dance quite interesting, especially the fact that dancers often dance barefoot. I believe this is directly showing some African roots because as someone who used to dance African dances I know how important it is to be “connected” to the earth. I’ve read that the Peruvian Marinera is a mixture of Spanish, Moorish and African influence which, in my opinion, shows how far this dance has traveled and how it was shaped.

Also, I have to notice that I haven’t heard of many dances where animals are a part of the show. In Peruvian Marinera there’s a horse that is ridden while circling around a girl. This is showing not only the elegance of this dance, but also a dancer’s dedication and long hour practice.

Elegant, cheerful and joyful would be the three words I’d use to describe this dance. Hopefully one day, I’ll get a chance to experience it myself. 🙂
Intangible art


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