On air: A photowalk at the Air Force Base in Nebraska

The American Military is a well known “force” worldwide. Some people fear it, some people hate it, some people love it. The emotions, opinions, feelings range from extreme to extreme regarding the American Military. However, all of that aside, the history behind the military family culture runs deeper than the “Army Brats,” and “Military Wives.”

Offutt AFB, an Airforce Base in the heart of the Midwest, is a scenic secret to those who are not privy to it’s heritage. Fort Crook was the original base, and Offutt started in 1918 during World War I and was named after a local and 1st Lt Jarvis Offutt, but not until 1924. During the Cold War, Offutt and the Strategic Air Command Base stood as headquarters for the United States if anything Nuclear were to happen. Though that heritage is important, beautiful, and deep within America’s History. My favorite part of Offutt’s past, is its influence in pop culture.

Strategic Air Command appears on screen in 1955, 1959, 1963, and 1964. SAC also appears in the episode, “Tomorrow is Yesterday,” from the series Star Trek, which is so cool. Aside from the rich history in war, government, and pop culture, Offutt is a part of Omaha, which is the place where the East met the West. This collision led me to have a Photo walk around the base over the weekend to explore the base.

Figure 1:  Boeing B-52 at Zorinsky, Memorial Air Park at entrance


Figure 2: Fort Crook Commanding Officer Quarters.


Figure 3: Base Lake, Offutt AFB


Figure 4: Fallen Warrior Memorial: All Gave Some, Some Gave All


Figure 5:  My photowalk companion, Traci and her dog Koda.

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