Preservation of Natural and Artistic Beauty

Niokolo-Koba National Park

Preservation of Natural and Artistic Beauty

During my research on this next task I�ve gotten the chance to know two world heritage sites. The first one is the national park of Niokolo-Koba and secondly, the historic center of sienna. Two places in opposite place across the country but with almost similar objectives. One focusing on the preservation of the most natural and indescribable beauty of the nature that surround our population and the other understands the preservation of historic art the next generation can see the work and effort that was put into developing sculptural buildings that amazes the human eye and makes men further their knowledge on the ones who were responsible for this wonderful creation.

Niokolo-Koba National park: the Senegal Beauty of Nature.

Like mentioned in the first preserved area is Niokolo-Koba National Park. It is undeniable one of the most beautiful and most outstanding preserved area in Africa. Consisting from animal like chimpanzees, lions, leopards, elephants as well as many unique birds, reptiles and amphibians and not forgetting the fauna that surround this beauty created by the nature. The pictures taken of this area will blow your mind and make you want to see and visit with your living body and feel the open breeze with your own soul. Further, it is one of the world�s largest antelope. The history of this area before it became a natural preserved park is quite different. Starting from 1952 which was created as purpose for hunting area to becoming a protected area in 1981 by the Unesco. But struggles for to keep this area protected are still being applied, so poachers don�t harm such wonderful and harmless. Organization�s like Unesco and the international union for conservation of nature are still fighting to make people aware of preserving the natural, so it can be beneficial for the future.

Historic center of Sienna: history of the ancient arts

History has provided us with the natural but also with the unnatural. In this case I am talking about the historic center of Siena, located in the beautiful country of Italy. The city known for unbelievable art and talented artists in the world. The whole city has been declared a celestial artwork because it�s build around the piazza Del Campo. Expressing the Beauty of this artwork will be an insult to the creators but seeing it with your own eyes will give honor to its name. Beauty can be expressed throughout with the heart but also by putting it into the hands of a wonder art that will make your heart understand the human behavior much better�

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