The rich history of English breakfast delights

Food is  a world of pleasure, from the cultivation of an ingredient to the creation of a wonderful dish; we all taste and enjoy food together, talking and learning about it’s culture and history. Every country and culture has a different cuisine, something special that makes it different.

In this case, I won’t focus on a particular dish in detail, but would love to show the different dishes and the concept of meals in England. As opposed to what some people think, the British culture has a wide section of dishes to choose from, with numerous dishes as roast beef, pies, soups, sausage rolls, stew, breakfast, eggs, pancakes, afternoon tea, roast, fish’n’chips, scotch eggs, Yorkshire pudding, shepherd’s pie, jacket potatoes etc. To make it easier, I enjoyed hogging food the whole day, one day from morning till evening, researching and tasting all the British dishes which I could, with some friends.

In England there are several meal times such as breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner etc. Obviously it would be crazy to do all of them in a day but the English meals are quite light and have small portions.

Our day starts with a traditional breakfast, which is one of the most important  dish: the full English breakfast, a dish filled of eggs, tomatoes, black pudding, beans, sausages, bacon, toast and butter, mushrooms and hash browns, served with a cup of tea or coffee.

A proper English breakfast Photo from Flickr


After the huge breakfast, which seems to be the most important day meal, we tried a typical and simple English main course: jack potato. The jack potato is a medium or big size potato, boiled and filled with whatever you want, usually the options are: plain (with butter), or you can add typical beans and cheese, chili con carne or tuna and mayo. Someone can think that it is not enough for a meal, but it actually is quite filling.


Jacked Potato Photo Courtesy: Renata F. Oliveira
Scotch Egg Photo Courtesy: Wootton King from Flickr


Even though we were really full, we tried a scotch egg which is a typical picnic food, composed by a boiled egg, covered by sausage meat, coated with bread crumbs; deep fried or baked.  Depending on the places, the scotch egg can be served in different ways, accompanied with different ingredients or plain.

We could have continued our food day with many other English snacks and dishes, but our stomachs were full after the hearty sumptuous meals. The English Meals are a gastronomic treat;  full of surprises.

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