Salamanca in the Middle Ages: A Photowalk

On January 28 we went for a photo walk in Salamanca, Spain. In this walk, we saw different medieval monuments, different types of architecture (Romanesque, Gothic and Plateresque) and learned about the traditional building construction of this city. As a result of the constructing with the Villamayor stone, Salamanca is also known as the “Golden City”.

Its Old City is included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Do you want to see some photos? Here they are!

University of Salamanca: plateresque façade with the statue of Fray Luis de León.


San Marcos Church : Roman Architecture


San Benito Church: Gothic Architecture


Old Cathedral: built in the XII and XIII centuries


New Cathedral: built between 1513 and 1733


Old and New Cathedrals


Medieval Town Wall


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