Buildings of Seferihisar: A Photo Walk

The theme of this Photo Walk is the life –through buildings- of a village under the “shadow” of a major city, like Izmir.

Credits: AthanasiosVlitas

This is an old Greek house which now –after the Catastrophe of 1922- is empty and ready to be demolished. We can easily observe that its structure is made for a family. It is closed by a wall that protect not their security but their products (garden etc.).

Credits: SinemXiymaz

On the opposite of the old houses, we face a new reality in which the buildings are made as the ones in the nearby city. They are not made for a family of farmers but of employees in companies and little shops. The wall now protects the safety of the –scared- people!

Credits: Serkan Cinar

In the local market we can notice the aforementioned changes with the most representative way: from small buildings (more “human” I could say) to the huge faceless buildings and in the “middle” the people who seem weak in front of these changes.

Credit: Haris Tomac

At the top of the hill there old mosque stands. The thing I observed here is that it is the only place in a –big- village that nature seems to have the same importance as the built environment.

Photo: Athanasios Vlitas

We leave the city and we could not let unnoticed the sculpture. It is a common practice around the world to place these “ugly” sculptures in public areas. At least this one spreads… love!

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