South Korean treats in a box at the Tongin Market

Tongin Market, Jongno-Gu, Seou Photo Courtesy: Republic of Korea

Food on a platter – we all like it, don’t we? For a food connoisseur, Tong-in Market in Seoul, South Korea is a treat for your palette. �It is famous for its dosirak (bento-like) packed lunches. If you order a box, you will be treated with a lunch containing a variety Korean�treats.

Tongin Market draws tourists to the heart of Seoul Photo Courtesy: Nick Tan

You can even make your own lunch box! Below are a few facts about the Tong-in Market in Seoul:


Fast Facts:

  • The market is famous for its dosirak (bento-like) packed lunches, wherein you get to choose a variety of food items�for your meal.
  • This is a unique concept, unlike the ready-made�dosirak lunches usually bought in stores
  • Tongin Market is not only a go-to place for fresh produce, but it is also popular for its street food
  • It is also a popular meeting place among the elderly, where a big pagoda stands outside the main entrance with�halmeoni�or�grandmother and harabeoji or�grandfather gather to play chess, eat snacks, and catch up
  • The market has a very local feel and it is situated quite far from popular tourist areas as well as the subway

Operating times: 8 AM – 6 PM

How to get there: via subway, Gyeongbokgung Station (Line 3, Exit 2). A few blocks after Geumcheongyo Market

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