“Sometimes in April” – A reminder of Rwandan dark past to future generations.

Sometime in April - Rwandan movie

Sometimes in April, is a depiction of one of the darkest chapters of Rwanda’s history. The genocide against tutsis. They were bad times for many Rwandans, sad souvenirs for many,the raining season incomprehensible for the Rwandans. Many Rwandans say that they are the times when God left Rwanda, and the United Nation looked on as thousands were being slaughtered.

Sometime in April - Rwandan movie

During the genocide against the tutsi, hutus killed tutsis. The problems arose in 1959 when the Tutsi were chased from the country,destroying and burning their homes, killing them and they became refugees in neighboring countries.

Sometimes in April, is the story of a hutu soldier, Augustin Muganza and his brother Honore Muganza. A journalist working for RTLM (Radio Television Libre des Milles Collines).Augustin Muganza has a tutsi wife and 3 children.

The film shows how a closely knit Rwandan family was torn apart by the genocide, as brothers, sisters husbands, and wives turned on each other and killed one another, for a difference in ideology.

The film also shows the good hearted Rwandans who refused to participate in the killings and hid the tutsis inside their homes.

In April/1994, took place the genocide against the Tutsi where over 1 million of people died in the country, the latter were killed because of how they were born. The population had genocide ideology from colonization period. The Rwandans started to kill other Rwandans in different hills of the country, neighbors kill his neighbors husband killed his wife and his kids.

The genocide against tutsi happen in Rwanda, it was April, raining season, the tutsi called Cockroach (Inyenzi),they were treated very bad  in the society but the Rwandan were married (Tutsi and Hutu).The preparation of genocide where there was the list of tutsi must died and the materials of using, the training of Interahamwe commanded by soldiers. The roads were blocked where the stopped the tutsi. The tutsi hidden in the church and be killed. The UN peacekeeping left  the Rwandans in genocide. The RTLM made propaganda  to kill the tutsi. The role of RPF comes and stop the genocide and to liberate the country. It shows love and legacy of those heroes (young and adult) Rwandan come to stop the genocide. When the international countries look and still think what to do, these heroes come to save the Rwandans.

After genocide, the Rwandan applied the Gacaca court, it is traditional court where the people seat in the village and judged the genocide perpetrator. Gacaca court, many problems got solutions and it helps to know many things about genocide, truth about genocide and the survivors found the bodies of their relatives, to hear what happened to their families. The survivors try to hear the genocide perpetrators and to present   testimony in the court even it needs to have energy but It was good way to search the solution and to build the country. The international criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, located in Arusha, it helps to take many genocide perpetrators were in different countries and bring them behind justice   and try to judge them. It is a good things and hope it will continue.

Mr. Ndaguza Muhamud was part of the cast of Sometimes In April. He is now living close to St Marie school,he was one guide the former soldier when he  asked  him where he can found the school when he comes to search his girl.Mr. Ndaguza says that It was a good experience acting in the movie and that he is honored to have been part of a movie that is faithful to the actual events that happened during the genocide. He hopes that future generations will learn about what Rwanda has gone through, especially the genocide, with this movie.


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