Spring Time Blooms in the Midwest, USA

Here�s the thing about the Midwest, we are incredible, we are farmland, we are rural communities, we are up and coming street art, we are big cities, and we have some cool Natural Heritage. And I�ll argue all day long, that we are home to some of the most beautiful spring time moments. Those moments include flowers blooming, sunrises and sunsets, bird migrations, spring time festivals like Tulip Time in Pella, Iowa or the Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival in Marshall Field, Missouri. Everyone experiences different parts of Spring time in the Midwest.

While out in the experience for this essay, I watched a thunderstorm roll through at Hitchcock Nature Center.

Storm Rolling in at Hitchcock Nature Center Photo. In the midwest we call that a “Classic Iowan Moment.”

This is a collection of photos my friends took as a part of the Midwest Spring Time Natural Heritage Awareness. They captured the weather, blooming flowers, sunsets & sunrises, and art that captures the esque of this Natural Heritage. This is by Light Side Photography, taken on the same day after the storm when it produced a rainbow. Jeremy captured Midwestern Spring Time. Jeremy Rose loves sunset photos in the springtime by lakes. This is taken at Holmes Lake. Bird Migration by Light Side Photography.�A comment by Ingrid Crummey, “Spring is just around the corner! Nature’s renewal! The landscape gets ‘all dressed up’ to celebrate a new Season with some beautiful colors. I enjoy yellow because it’s happy�:) Enjoy the rest of the week! ‘A bit of sunshine’

When humans build structures, those structures become a part of the world’s landscape. They grow, they age, and they die just like nature. These next images by Dave Lyons depict that idea. He also wrote this description of balance between buildings and mother nature in the Midwest that ties it all together. “I have been photographing this poor little shed for a couple years now. The wind last week finally won the battle. I had to get a photo of it resting but the sky was overcast so I went with black and white.” Lyons said. He named this collection, “Fallen.”

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