There are many monuments and heritage sites which decorate our Kolkata as stars and attracts the tourists towards it .It is also known as city of joy. We can see variety of places in Kolkata like old palaces, temples, parks, rivers and many more. Among all these there is one monument named as st Paul’s cathedral church which is popularly known as the living place of Jesus Christ.

It was initiated by bishop Daniel Wilson in 1847. It is situated in maidan. It is surrounded with beautiful garden with different flowers which increases its beauty. It is very peaceful place where people come to pray and make their mind peaceful. In Christianity people follow Jesus as their god. Here in this church not only Christians but all the different kinds of peoples from different religions come to pray here. It shows the unity among people. It gives the lesson to everyone that there is no discrimination among human beings, all are borned equal.

Me along with my few friends visited this place.After looking the beauty of this church we were totally speechless, after being so old the monument still looks like the same as it was earlier. We found many visitors there who came from far places just to see this beautiful monument and pray here. We asked one of them who was from australia.

Me-hi,what is your name?

John- hi ,my name is John and i am from australia.

me-so what is your opinion about this church?

John- As i heard about kolkata, it is full of beautiful and old monuments and i came here to see this church, it is really more beautiful then my expectations, i really like this place.

Me-can you tell me what are the things which you like here?

John-The structure of the monument, beautiful gardens and many more.