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We usually hear about heritage only when it is in danger – think ISIS or the Taliban destroying incredible relics from the past, or governments trying to turn natural sites into mines and ports.

We believe that this needs to change – heritage is a lot more than just destruction. Heritage is not just the collective memory of humankind, but also our incredible individual memories. Heritage is the reason for livelihoods across the world through tourism, the reason for community pride and a bridge between cultures too.�We believe that it is important to bring these positive aspects to light more often – and in a manner every one of us, can appreciate.

Get started with – participate in any of our fun initiatives, engage and Make Heritage Fun!

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Have you travelled to UNESCO World Heritage Sites or experienced Intangible Cultural Heritage from anywhere in the world? Share your photos and join any of the Travel Challenges.
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Write about heritage, culture, travel and photo stories of heritage sites, traditions, profiles of heritage organizations or people working in heritage, conservation projects, heritage in danger, and more.
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Sign up for a Go Heritage Run

Join our holistic run-vacations at heritage sites, currently in India. Our non-timed runs feature scenic, historic run routes every time and the customized local experiences will be great for everyone in the family.
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Join the Internship�Program

Are you a college student looking to learn about heritage in a non-preachy, fun way? In our 6 month student program, you will participate in short, fun tasks and work together with other students in your city and across the world.
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Organize a #makeheritagefun Event

#MakeHeritageFun is a distributed social media campaign coordinated on a single day acroos the world. Join this global movement and organize an event in your city.
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All our activities are supported by purchases at our store and through Go Heritage Runs. Our store features heritage themed products and we ship worldwide
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