My ‘Make Heritage Fun!’ Experience

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The 6 month GoUNESCO internship has transformed my understanding of culture . I learned to appreciate and respect not only my culture, but also understand the diversity of cultural beliefs and tangible culture across the world. I was able to engage people in making heritage fun and in appreciating and respecting it. I’m a Liberal Arts […]

Photography and Heritage

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I am a Geography Teacher in Middle School in Mitrovica. The school focuses on marginalized communities and in collaboration with NGO Mitrovica Guide to make an introduction about the projects on heritage, photography, and pictures on Mitrovica town. The students followed a 2-day session/lecture on the digital age and learning about heritage in their town […]

The Museum of Bardo

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Tunisia, a country  that is 300 years old, is fascinating because of the number of cultures that have transmitted through it. The Phenician, Punic, Roman, Berbe and Carthagian;many have left a trace on this beautiful country, Somehow seeing the Museum of Bardo, where lies the biggest collection of mozaics on earth, and coutnless priceless artifacts, […]