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Archaeological Site of Volubilis- a spectacular city

Archaeological Site of Volubilis- a spectacular city

The Archeological Site of Volubilis was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site ...

Cordoba's Mezquita as shown in the picture above is a Blend of Moorish and Christian Architecture

Historic centre of Córdoba- discovering a new world

The world renowned historic centre of Cordoba has a wealth of monuments preserving huge ...

Agra fort Parul

Agra Fort

At the center of the beautiful city of The Taj Mahal lies the famous Agra ...

Deccan Chronicle Jan 2014

17 reasons to join GoUNESCO Travel Challenge

Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, ...

Deccan Chronicle Jan 2014

GoUNESCO Winners in Deccan Chronicle

Deccan Chronicle wrote about the GoUNESCO Challenge 2013 winning couple Parul and Ajay in ...

Parul George Town

Proof for George Town

Have been to george toen not melaka… 🙁 had to cancel the trip.


Taj Mahal

Proof picture for Taj in my new Gounesco shirt 😀