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Sri LankaGalle

Galle – A taste of colonial past

Galle, the beautiful town of Sri Lanka on the southwest coast was once a ...

Kingdom of Kandy

Kandy – The Most Beautiful City in the Pearl

In the entire history of Sri Lanka, the city or to be more precise ...

Kingdom of Kandy

The Most Beautiful City in the Pearl

Welcome to Kandy, Kandy in one word is extra-ordinary. The UNESCO World Heritage city ...

The Peaceful and Surreally Singular Golden Temple of Dambulla

  This city is home to one of Sri Lankas seven UNESCO World Heritage ...

Galle Fort

Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications – Sri Lanka


Ancient City of Sigiriya – Sri Lanka

Dambulla Golden Temple and Caves

Just too beautiful caves and amazing view especially during sunset Golden Temple of Dambulla ...