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Sheer Pera, additionally spelled Shir pera or Shakar Para is an Afghani sweet which is made by Milk, this was made in Khorasan. Presently it is a popular food item in Afghanistan and some territory of Iran.

In Afghanistan, sweet is regularly a social custom, a course intended to be shared. Day or night, home or out companions can be discovered congregating to taste Green tea with Sheer Pera.

Sheer pera is additionally delicacy served to visitors, at Afghan weddings or gatherings. It makes an amazing occasion delicacy that’ll satisfy your visitors sweet tooth with the rich flavours of rosewater, cardamom, walnuts and pistachio. It is substantially more fudge like, verging on liquefying in the mouth. Pistachios are a phenomenal filling for sheer pera. The flavours, textures, and hues are so vibrant and rich!

This baked good comes in various shapes, sizes, and flavors; walnut pistachio and almond. Sheer Pera are what you see frequently in the States. The most widely recognized fixings is milk and rosewater for flavor in Afghan desserts. Cardamon, cinnamon are other mainstream flavors.

Sheer pera recipe is simple each one can make it at home with couple of fixings:

Milk ( we can use dry milk as well)


Broiled walnuts



Hacked pistachio



Convey to heat up the water and sugar till it gets to be sticky. Expel from burner. Include milk, flour, hacked nuts, cardamom, oil and blend. On  the burner and let it cook for two or three minutes more on medium warmth. Expel from burner and spread it over a lubed dish. Top with some more nuts. Give it a chance to set for a few hours to cool at room temperature then cut it in 2 inches squares or other outline as you craving utilizing a blade.

The pieces looks absolutely astounding and like an unquestionable requirement for dessert!! Perhaps with some green or dark tea. Enjoy!


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