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What make Afghanistan distinct from other countries is the special taste of its foods. Here’s food sparks deep passions to any person. Ask just about any Afghan what food you have to try at the winter, and you’re pretty likely to hear Shole Ghorbandi as the top answer.

Ghorband is the spot in Parwan Province of Afghanistan. What’s more, shole ghorbandi was made first time in this place, though there is no recorded account but rather it has story by one era to another that, first time a poor family in Ghorband made it for their guests. Presently its well known all around the nation.

This cuisine is made generally in the winter and first days of spring season. This is not typical dish you will find in all restaurants. However, this is a popular dish among the local community and is a usual dish served at home.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 9.32.06 am
Photo Courtesy: Nooria Ali, Youtube

Shola implies sticky sort of rice with Mash bean, moong bean, lamb, trim, peppers, dried mint and different fixings. the stickiness relies on upon the measure of water used to make it. This cuisine generally eat with hand and you will feel the taste on the highest point of your fingers.

You will just find a modest bunch individuals who will welcome this sticky, gooey, spicy and exceptionally delightful dish. Traditional Afghan cuisine utilizes various flavours and is slathered with  flavourful sauce. To serve, take the shola out in an extensive round platter and include a couple table spoons of the stew on top, alongside the entire serrano peppers. Take whatever is left of the stew out in a serving bowl.

It’s not only one of the the most beloved Afgani food, but it’s also considered the national dish of Afghanistan.While traveling or visited any Afghan family for an out of the world culinary experience, get Shole Ghorbandi and please taste the food and afghans hospitality.


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