The Rizal Shrine

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The Rizal shrine is the place where our national hero was born in Calamba, Laguna. This kind of house is called the �Bahay na Bato� which means House of Stone; It is one of the first techniques on how the Filipinos have built their houses. This House is actually just a replica from the original house where Jose Rizal lived because it was destroyed during the WW2 era. So the Rizal house was reproduced during the 1950�s and turned it into a museum where all the things Rizal did and what are the remains he had left us.

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The structure is 2-storey house inspired by the Spanish Colonial Period so since the Philippines was conquered over a 377 years our culture is influenced mixed and part Spanish. I could say that during the Spanish colonial period is where our culture is mostly molded since the Spaniards have settled for 337 years long. So in visiting the Rizal house or Rizal shrine it is filled with really heavy cultural traditions.

It should be a world heritage site because Jose Rizal is our national hero with that he reminds us of what a true Filipino should be. In the house since all of his works as a writer were displayed there, it�ll always remind us people of the things he did for the Filipinos. The fact that he had the bravery to defend and have justice for his people. He also awakened our senses that we Filipinos must have hope for the country�s freedom from the Spaniards.

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As a Filipino I�m very proud that Jose Rizal ever existed because he really is a very good role model might not be just us Filipinos but for other people as well who recognize him. Through his famous works Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, the stories he wrote there were about the sufferings of the Filipinos during the Spanish colonial period and not just that he even relayed messages for his people to realize the intentions of the Spanish people. Through this book the Filipinos realized that the only thing we could gain freedom is that to know the ways of the Spaniards which is having good education. Jose Rizal promotes education especially to the young generation for the country to progress and be successful.

Why didn�t I chose the monument dedicate to Jose Rizal? In my opinion it would be better to witness and really go back in the past so that it will be a more refreshing experience if the people will be reminded of our national hero by visiting his hometown.

The criteria for a certain place or structure to be a World Heritage Site is from my observation is that:

  • It represents the culture of the people in the country for the world to see its wonder
  • Inspires and having significance to the country
  • Well preserved and protected by the people
  • Have its purpose and benefits for the citizens
  • The people in the country are aware of its existence and standing

World Heritage Sites chosen:

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One of the World heritage sites I�ve chosen is the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is one of the greatest representation of India�s culture and architecture with its intricate facades and especially indian architecture are famous for their domes and tall minarets.

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Another world heritage site I�ve chosen is the Great wall of China in Beijing. It�s importance was to protect the Chinese empire from invasions or intruders so it resulted for Emperor Qin to build a very high and very lengthy wall with fortifications mainly made out of bricks and stone. It is amazing that up to this day it still is standing strong.


Survey Questions:

  • Have you visited the Rizal Shrine?
  • Are you aware of what contains inside the Rizal Shrine?
  • (refer to question #2 if your answer is yes) From where did you know about the Rizal Shrine?

-the internet����� -books����� -school

  • (refer to question #2 if your answer is yes) What do you think is inside the Rizal Shrine?
  • Is the Rizal shrine a very good example of promoting the name of the country?
  • Do you think it is a good tourist spot for the visitors to learn more about the country�s history and culture? If no, why?
  • As a Filipino, are you proud to show and promote more about the Rizal shrine to everyone?



  • 1.40% said yes and 60% said no
  • 2.70% said yes and 30% said no
  • 3.50% answered internet and 20% answered books (from the 70% who answered yes in question #2)
  • 4.From the 70% that said yes in question #2 they answered Rizal�s works and history
  • 5.60% said yes and 40% said no
  • 6.50% said yes and 50% said no. No, because the respondents said it isn�t enough to promote the country with just the life of our national hero
  • 7.70% said yes 30% said no


Out of 10 people I conclude that most of them have not visited the Rizal shrine and from what I see the respondents are much aware of what contains inside the Rizal Shrine but only knew about it through the internet. Since from my respondents that most haven�t even visited the place it cannot be a potential World Heritage Site since it isn�t even known and visited much by the citizens. But I heard that it is the most visited in Laguna for tourist spots but it�s still not enough in terms of awareness and promotion of the site.