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Every month, GoUNESCO explores different themes in heritage. This helps us focus not only on popular forms of heritage, but also others that don’t garner a lot of attention. Our interns are assigned tasks that follow these themes and we publish a lot of informative photo stories, videos and articles on every theme.

You can contribute articles, photos, videos about these monthly too! Or share on social media and tag us there – we are on Facebook, instagram, twitter and YouTube.

Here are the themes at GoUNESCO planned from July -December 2017:

July: Delicious Heritage

Food is an inseparable aspect of culture. The journey of food, right from cultivation to the mouth watering dishes on our plate, spells out uniqueness of a each culture. The month of July might be a month to eat the sweltering summer delicacies and get you to drool. Read some of the articles that our interns and contributors have written in the past.


August: Immigrant Heritage

June was supposedly the month to celebrate the Immigrant Heritage of people around the world. However, we are extending it till August. Each immigrant’s story is unique. People were born somewhere else but they adapted to the food, festivities and culture of the country/city they moved to. This month, we are sharing those stories with you – of people and their immigrant heritage. Read some of their stories here.

Photo Courtesy: Jason on Flickr

September: Built Heritage

Built heritage is a complete, tangible manifestation of the intangible. The inception of any built structure stands testimony to the then prevailing culture. The popular ideas, techniques and skills, cultural values and norms, all shape up the built environment. This month we to look past just the age and architectural style of historic building and dwell deeper into understanding how these historic facades give us a glimpse in the bygone era and culture. Read about the built heritage from around the world.

October: GoUNESCOnference

The International Facebook Live Conference organized by GoUNESCO on a specific theme on the 27th October. Three experts will participate in the conference and will answer interns’ questions on a variety of topics.The motive of the conference is to give visibility to GoUNESCO (team, coordinators and interns) and promote understanding as well as raise awareness on contemporary heritage and culture topics such as ICH, world heritage among others. Take a look at the last conference highlights here.


November: Arts and Crafts

While there is a growing awareness of protecting traditional crafts in this age of globalisation, recently the focus has broadened to include the need to safeguard and promote the craftsman and the intangible skill and traditions involved in the production of distinct crafts. Read why UNESCO groups traditional craftsmanship as an important part of it Intangible Cultural Heritage List. This month we are using local/traditional arts and crafts as a tool to introduce traditional arts and crafts to the children/youth. Read some of the stories here.

Photo Courtesy: Farrukh from Flickr:

December: Cultural Identity

The month of November is focused on exploring culture identity and heritage. What does culture mean to you? A true cultural identity is one that relates how a person identifies with their culture and how that relationship, in turn, impacts their lives. Read some of the stories on culture here.

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