A daring globetrotter? Travel to these 7 eccentric places around the world!

If traveling is a passion of yours that can’t be quelled, there won�t be many amazing places left for you to explore. You might have already come across a lot of them! Right? But, did you hear about the most bizarre ones? Well, you should definitely travel to them if you haven’t!

The things mentioned below would really entice you if you are a daring globetrotter. I mean you should have that courage in your heart to face the adventures of those amazing tourist destinations. Without further ado, let’s check out 7 of the quirkiest, most bizarre tourist sites in the world!

1. Lake Natron in Tanzania

Want to experience something dreary? You should certainly take a glimpse of this spine-thrilling lake. If you visit this lake then you would be able to see the calcified statues of the animals which might have died in the African lake at some point of time. Believe me, it looks downright scary!

Image: Wikimedia

It�s because of the huge content of sodium bicarbonate present in such lakes, that such an unusual incident occurred. You can always go and enjoy the thrill but wait! Don�t even try to take a dip in!!

2. Spotted lake Khiluk in British Columbia

Do you know what makes this lake weird? �It�s simply the fact that it is a single one on the planet which hosts an incredibly huge amount of minerals embedded within it.

Image: Wikimedia

You can see a unique organization of 365 spots in the lake. Moreover, the chemical content present in such spots has been also found to be effective enough to cure a number of diseases. It is obviously a nice but strange place to visit!

3. Slope point in New Zealand

Image: Wikimedia

It�s because of those fierce gusts of Antarctica, that this forest has turned out to be a hub of all such trees which have been blown and twisted by wind. It is such a striking gesture of nature to see! Wind with an extremely high extent of speed is the strangest feature of this place. This is what makes Slope Point an uncanny place to have a look at.

4. The Underwater Park in Austria

Yes! This is an astonishing beauty existing underwater. It is complete with park benches and submerged trees. You can definitely count it as one of the oddest places on the planet. Do you think it is a gimmick? Not at all!

Wooden bench in overflowed Green Lake, Tragoess, Styria, Austria
Image: Wikimedia

Rather, it is a full-fledged, traditional park which gets hidden under the blue waters during spring. So, if you love to take dives then this could be the best place for you to relax at your destination.

5. Cano Cristales in Colombia

Image: WIkimedia

If you ever travel to Colombia, make sure you have a look at Cano Cristales. When it�s summer, the river of Colombia turns out to be red from blue. It�s because of the unusual species of plants which are covering the bed of the river, it becomes coral red and thus gives the viewers a chance to exclaim for!

6. Blood falls in Antarctica

Unquestionably, Antartica has that unending level of whiteness of snow which is present all around. Amid of such a serene scenario, when you will come across the Blood falls then it will definitely give you an uncommon and shocking relief. There is a ton of iron present in the water of this river which makes it entirely red. If you want to check out something eye catchy then you must travel to this place.

Image: Wikimedia

7. Confluence of Rhone and Arve rivers in Switzerland


This is a yet another strange place on the Earth! It has a high level of divergence because of the two remarkable rivers of Switzerland which are blue and brown in color respectively. The water of these rivers never completely mixes up because there is a huge difference in the densities. But, as the rivers flow side by side, it creates an outstanding and distinctive scenario. If you ever travel to Switzerland, the confluence of these rivers is a must see!

Well, these are the 7 of the most quirky places on the planet which you must explore to let your adrenaline level go off the charts. I can vow for the fact that being an ardent traveler, you would simply fall in love with them!

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