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Writer, dreamer, negotiator, wanderer, mum - in search of the world's curious places. Mostly with my daughters, sometimes solo. The girls share their take on it, too.
Rhine Valley

Highlights of the Rhine Valley

More here: Rhine Valley highlights – http://www.sophiesworld.net/rhine-valley-highlights-eats-sleeps/ Upper Middle Rhine Valley

Fossils and the Messel Pit

More here: The Messel Pit, Our Cradle? – http://www.sophiesworld.net/messel-pit-fossils-germany/ Messel Pit Fossil Site – ...

1A - 4 days exploring Germany's UNESCO World Heritage

Frontiers of the Roman Empire in Germany

More here: Roman Frontiers in Germania – http://www.sophiesworld.net/roman-frontiers-germany/ Frontiers of the Roman Empire

Lorsch Abbey

Lorsch Abbey

Article here: Lorsch Abbey Abbey and Altenmünster of Lorsch – Germany