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Habagat - Filipino word referring to a monsoon wind, It brings needed rain to the farmers. To replenish the parched soil.But to provoke this free spirited soul, it can destroy mountains and land. Berniemack Arellano, is just a simple and boring guy who wants to go amok whenever he’s being prevented going somewhere else. Since birth, he has been traveling due to the transient nature of the work of the father: settled in Cebu for 3 years, then resettled in Imus, Cavite for 12 years, 6 years at Iloilo, a year and a half at Cebu and several months in Southern Mindanao. He dared himself not to be a tourist, but a sojourner, a wanderer, a traveler, an explorer and most of all, a professional commuter. Since then, he has been dreaming to emanate Ian Wright and Diego Buñuel’s travels. Comparto mis experiencias en viaje y vida cada día aquí. Van a saber algunos consejos también en conocimiento local. Experimentar las fiestas, las maneras de vida de los locales, cultura local, herencia y mucho más. Este es mi manera para ayudar la gente y experimentar el mundo–en su formas colorados. No hacer solo ver el mundo, ser parte de él también. Sera un viajero, no sólo una turista!

Strolling down the memory lane of Vigan

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