Moinak Maiti Moinak Maiti

He like to travel and traveled across India. Passionate about knowing culture and heritage, history, origin and support for preservation.

Bandhavgarh Fort, M.P, India

Bandhavgarh fort from Pondicherry Central University Bandhavgarh Fort as the potential site for WHS

Nature made heritage “Marble rock @ jabalpur”

Nature is beautiful and sometimes it is at the extreme. Marble rock at Jabalpur, ...

Park Monument – A Tale of Brothel

A short Introduction about park monument at Pondicherry. It is one of the ancient ...

Visiting Churches in Pondicherry with Friends

We group of friends(Myself, Garima, Avik, Amrapalli, Saptarshee and Soorma) were playing “truth and ...