Rawda M. Abdelhady Rawda M. Abdelhady

freelance archaeological conservator in Egypt. Conservator in Middle Kingdom Theban Project in Luxor (Spanish Excavation Mission) and thefounding Director of Raquda Foundation for Art and Heritage (NGO – NPO) in Alexandria, Egypt. I have done Archaeological Conservation Diploma from the Faculty of Archaeology, Fayoum University and graduated from the Faculty of Arts (Egyptology Department), Alexandria University. I am a scholarship holder, MA student at Heritage Conservation and Site Management (BTU – Helwan University). I also worked at Bibliotheca Alexandrina for 2 years as manuscript conservator in the manuscript museum laboratory – and researcher in Coptic Study Center, Leader of Imitative (Cycling to Alexandria Heritage).
Sufi Celebration by ‎Raquda Foundation in Alexandria, Egypt

Sufi Celebration at Raquda Foundation (Alexandria)

Details of Sufi Celebration by ‎Raquda Foundation in Alexandria, Egypt. Al-Sufia had a vital ...