The Trulli Of Alberobello

The town of alberobello� � � � � � � �The inside of a trulli
When I started researching on this very place, I was thrilled! Going to Italy is my dream since childhood and visiting this particular place has now become a dream. So basically, The trulli is and example of beautiful italian architecture. These are famous worldwide for the same. And alberobello is the capital of Tulli.

These trullis are like small huts in which people live. These people are basically italian natives and some trullis are even used�as lodges, restaurants etc. The buildings are very strong and thick and hence the temperature inside it is quite pleasant. The total area is just 40 square km and this is beautifully spread, I must say! The roofs of trullis are usually decorated with lots of amazing religious stuff and are generally clean and whitewashed. The best way is to have a first hand experience and live in these trullis instead of just passing by them. Some trullis are well accommodated with luxuries.

On the way you can visit a white hill town OSTUNI which is again very beautiful. The most talked about and tourists’ favorite place is Rione Monti,super pretty and picturesque but is surrounded with lots of vendors who will try their luck to sell you things which are trulli shaped, this could be anything from showpieces, jewellery boxes, photos, pens etc. The people residing there are very friendly and hence it will be a nice experience altogether.

The other district is�Aia Piccola,�so if you like peaceful places, then this is your saviour. There are less tourists, lesser buzz but the place is equally pretty.

Behind Rione monti there is a church�Chiesa dei Santi Medici Cosma e Damiano�surrounded by small lanes leading to Trullo Sovrano which is a huge trullo house. This particular house is very well furnished. It is a two storey building and there are many inscriptions written there. One must not worry since there are english translations as well. �And the most interesting part is the spy-hole next to the door which handles unwanted �discrepancies.

Chiesa di Sant’Antonio �is the name of the church situated in the town. This place is small and precious in its own way and after you are done with it, there is a small town down the slope�Martina Franca,�which boasts of greenery and beauty.

All in all The trulli of alberobello is a �lovely tourist destination which boasts of something which only alberobello possesses – beauty with amazing architecture!Trulli shop!!




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