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Something I am really grateful of is to be born and to live surrounded by heritage, and to have the desire of discovering it all. Indeed, I was born near Venice, and I couldn’t think about a more artistic place in the world. Venice isn’t all about architecture and canals, there’s much more to see, starting from one of the most famous international art exhibitions: Venice Biennale.

biennale-di-venezia Its history dates back to 1895, when the first one was held, and in 1930’s it became also a performing arts exhibition, adding new festivals about music, cinema and theatre. As many new forms of art began to develop, they were included in the festival, making it complete under every sense.
Today, it consists of art, music, cinema, theatre, architecture and dance; divided into three pillars:

  1. The exhibitions by national pavilions
  2. The international exhibition by the Biennale curator
  3. Collateral events

biennale-venezia-2013-ai-weiwei There is so much to see and feel that one day is not enough to visit it all, but the human element really worth a space in the journey. The most famous performing art of the event is for sure cinema: in fact, the first Venice International Film Festival was held as part of the event, and it still is. Being the oldest film festival in the world, today is still one of the more important and encourages many people to have a better knowledge of art.
The Biennale Foundation, after the great success, inspired many other exhibitions around the world, exporting the desire and the needing of art in all its forms everywhere.

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