Venice- The floating city of dreams.

Ever wondered how it is to stay in a city of Canals? Well, Venice is one such city. A visit to this city of� is incomplete without a ride through the Canals in a Gondola. Republic of Venice was a state in Europe that originated from the lagoon communities in the area of Venice ,which is now northeastern Italy .

Venice is built on more than a 117 small islands in the lagoon of Adriatic Sea. Do you know it has no roads ,only canals? There are around 350 Gondolas ferrying in around 177 Canals.These canals are separated by beautiful canals and linked by bridges, with 417 bridges in total. Bridges in Venice did not have steps till the 16th century as many people moved on horseback in those days. Rialto Bridge is the oldest bridge of the city and one of the four bridges going across the Grand Canal. The city has narrow streets and the narrowest street in Venice is called Calletta or Ramo Verisco. The city is not car oriented as most of the movement around takes place through the Gondolas , so it is a gondola oriented city.One interesting fact about the Gondola is that it is made of eight different woods. A gondola weighs around 600 kilos and is 11 metres long. Venice celebrates the unique festival called� the Carnival of Venice,the Carnival ends with Lent, a christian celebration of forty days before Easter.

Venice’s transport system is based on waterways, and it is unique to see it in practice. Image: Manisha Joshi

The city also boasts of Doge’s� Palace, built in the Venetian Gothic style, one of the major landmarks in the city. The structure has been opened up as a museum since 1923. Another enchanting place is Piazza San Marco also known as St.Mark’s square ,which is very popular with the tourists, built around 1100 A.D. Tourists throng the place to click memorable pictures. St. Mark’s Basilica is one of the oldest Cathedrals built in 1092 A.D., and it is also one of the ‘don’t miss’ attractions that the city boasts of.

Public transport can be availed by water buses and private water Taxis.The best time to travel to the city is from April to June and mid September to October.




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  1. Nice article Manisha. I took the girls to Venice some years ago and loved walking in little streets deserted by the too many tourists. BURANO was really special, with lots of colorful houses and small canals.

    1. Thanks,you liked the can read my other articles on Rani ki Vav,Eiffel tower,Palace of Versailles etc.Actually I am history teacher and very fond of travelling and writing about interesting places.

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