Visit To The Gigantic Hanuman Mandir

The Hanuman mandir at jandewallan, in india’s captial new delhi, recides in it one of the biggest statues of lord Hanuman, it has a sky touching height of 108 feet.
This heritage site has a very interesting location. This majestic structure is located across the road as well as is very close to Delhi’s metro network.

I personally used to go across the mandir while travelling by metro, but never got a chance to get down and visit it and take blessings. Finally, i took out time specially for visiting this gigantic structure. I was stunned when i finally entered the mandir. But before describing my experience, let me first tell about “Lord Hanuman”, who is one of the most prominent icons of “the Ramayana – the holy book of hindu religion”.


Hanuman is also known as the Bajrangbali. He is considered as the greatest follower of Lord Ram. It is generallly said that Lord Ram recides in the heart of Hanuman and once when his devotion was questioned, he opened his chest to show that Lord Ram recides in the heart. Hanuman is known to posses very mind boggling stories in the Ramayana. Hanuman has played a crucial role in Lord Ram’s rescue of sita, from the grasp of Ravan. Hanuman’s weapon as described in the Ramayana as well his statues is, the mace also called as “the gada”.


Hanuman was basically a monkey also called as vanar in hindi language. Hanuman could change his height according to his wish. From getting as small as an ant, to getting as big as the historic titanic ship, Hanuman was very versatile. Like his versatility in size, even his tail was very versatile. His tail could get as long as 50 mutlistory building. There are various stories related to his tail. Once people tried to wrap his tail in a cloth but several metres of cloth could not cover his tail, once his tail was set on fire on orders of the Ravan and then Hanuman burnt Ravan’s fort with is burning tale. Like this, the Bajrangbali holds various incidents to his name.


Now, describing my experience at the mandir. This 108 feet statue of Hanuman welcomed me with an open mouth of the devil which has been defeated by the Hanuman. The mandir along with the gigantic status in front is divided into 3 floors and yet the mandir’s three floor make up to only half of the statue. I managed to get to all the floors of the mandir and got hold of nice pictures on each floor. The mandir has one of its section underground, one on the ground level and rest are the 2 floors. Each floor has statues of various gods and goddesses, each having their own symbol. There are small shops beside the mandir providing prasad for offering to the god. I managed to talk to the pandit. The pandit told me that in the evening prayers, Hanuman’s chest slides open and beautiful portrait of the Lord Rama and devi sita appears. It would be a beautiful sight. He also told me about the significance of the entrance. He told that, entrance signifies the mouth of the devil or the monster, who was one of the several monsters killed by Bajrangbali. He also corrected me with the date of construction of the statue, the statue was constructed way back in 90’s. Its condition still looks perfect, with not much signs of damage.


The folowers of this heritage site are increasing day by day and i am also a big follower of it now. While taking the exit i bowed by head with folded hands, in order to take blessing and then signed off in the metro. I had a great experience and collected all the memories in the pictures i captured.

Hanuman mandir, New Delhi