Musa Dakri’s invaluable contribution to AMU

Thanks to Musa Dakri’s selfless contribution to AMU, the University has been able to set up a state of the art museum, rightfully called the Musa Dakri Museum.

Sometimes people do not care about the things that they do for others. They do not mind their realize the value of their actions because, most of the times, their thought is : � My actions are too unimportant, too little to have any impact on anyone�s life�. The truth is that; for every action, there�s a consequence, and for every consequence there�s someone or something changing in the process. To support this, I will give a macroscopic example.

Aligarh Muslim University
Image: Hiveminer

Musa Dakri is a US based well-wisher of Aligarh Muslim University (placed in Aligarh, a Northern Indian city), who decided to donate a contribution of 50 thousand dollars to the University which were allocated for supporting its museum section. To thank him, the University decided to rename its museum by using the name of its new patron. The main aim of the museum is to involve people as much as possible in its activities, and draw its audience from all the levels of the community. One of its sections is focused on an exhibition of stone sculptures and terracotta figurines. These artifacts were discovered in Western Uttar Pradesh, an Indian region placed in the Northern part of the subcontinent. Their dating could be identified from 3rd century B.C. to 11th century A.D. This section is also supported by Medieval artifacts excavating from Fatehpur Sikri ( an area located in the North of India ) and consisting of glazed ware, terracotta animal figurines and Chinese pottery.

Image: Shahid Hashmi on Flickr

Focusing back to look at the notion of perceiving our actions, the museum within the University would have not been improved if Musa Dakri had not donated that huge amount of money, so someone could say that only if some people have power or money, things can actually change. But, as I wrote above, this is only a macroscopic example. Sometimes it is not realized that even shallow actions have some impact, and the nature of this depends on the kind of action a person chooses to perform. So, every time you are in doubt in doing something or not, just remember this, and do not also forget that most of the times change, positive or negative, comes from the bottom up. So, make sure that it starts on a positive note, leading to butterfly effect.

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