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GoUNESCO is a UNESCO New Delhi supported initiative founded by Ajay Reddy in the year 2012. The initiative was awarded Special Recognition by the Digital Empowerment Foundation, India. GoUNESCO is also an associate partner with EU Heritage Tour project, a European Commission funded project to encourage tourism to the world heritage sites in Italy, Austria, Portugal, Cyprus and Netherlands. It was awarded with the Manthan Award.

It started as a travel idea for Ajay when he was not able to identify most of the World Heritage Sites in a tweet by Pallavi Savant with a ten rupees stamp picture embedded in it.  Being startled by this event he started the challenge for himself and decided to visit all the WHS in India in the calendar year 2012 and make it a memorable one!

Ajay Reddy (Founder of GoUNESCO)
Ajay Reddy (Founder of GoUNESCO)

GoUNESCO has come up with online travel challenge which is known as the Global epic challenge or the culture challenge.  The Student Program has more than 500 students from different universities and various parts of globe. More than 500 students from 45 countries have participated in the student program. The main aim of this program is to increase the awareness of the heritage sites amongst the youth and to make heritage fun. The Go Heritage runs make travel fun with the idea of marathon and combine the values of health, culture and heritage. The marathon runs are organized in cultural cities and people are made aware of the culture with this unique perspective.

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