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GoUnesco is a campaign for the preservation and awareness of world heritage sites of the UN Agency UNESCO. It is the brain child of Ajay Reddy , a Hyderabad based entrepreneur. It is supported by Unesco, New Delhi.

Years active 2012 – present
Country India
Founder Ajay Reddy


How it started


The picture that started it all

It was started interestingly through a photo and a tweet posted by Pallavi Savant who tweeted a photo of a World Heritage Site and asked how many people had been to it or were aware of the heritage sites that were printed at the back of a ticket. Ajay Reddy saw the tweet and realized that he himself was not aware of half the places. He took it upon himself as a challenge and visited all the World Heritage Sites in India in 2012. Since then, it has become a movement of sorts with people joining in from all walks of life.

How it works

Every year in December , ambassadors are chosen from throughout the world through an open application process. The applications close around 31st December for the next year’s ambassador program. Once chosen the ambassadors are assigned fun tasks that help them explore as well as build awareness of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Awards and Recognition

  • Awarded Special Recognition by the Digital Empowerment Foundation, India
  • Commended by the German National Commission for UNESCO and the South African Heritage Research Association.
  • GoUNESCO is an associate partner with EU Heritage Tour project, a European Commission funded project to encourage tourism to world heritage sites in Italy, Austria, Portugal, Cyprus and Netherlands.


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