Planning for Gounesco

So after covering three world heritage sites and already booking tickets for another one I have been thinking of which one to cover next and how to go about it. with a full time job and with a reluctance to taking leave there are not many options left. I plan on finishing the sites in southern India as soon as I can as they require less number of days and may be done after a night’s journey. That’s what I thought, till Aj got me to thinking about actually clubbing the sites to reduce the money spent. This alone was a great motivator (who doesn’t love money). So I have a few trips planned.

I am well aware that even after all the trips I have planned I still have a lot more to cover. Nearest trip is to Mahabalipuram.

you can have a detailed look at my sketchy planning here at

PS. I can’t manage to get pics up here forgive my non pic laden posts


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