Bengali Culture gets recognized abroad

The culture of Bengal received a major boost to its morale recently. A London-based non-profitable organisation London Sharad Utsav launched the Bengal Heritage Project with an objective of promoting the culture, both performing and non-performing art of the region, trade and commerce, etc. Previously, School of Oriental and Africa Studies (SOAS) collaborated with Presidency University to get Bengal recognised globally. It is the only university to provide a degree course in Bengali. Exchange programs were extended to students through Biswa Bangla initiative. It also aimed at installing a Durga idol on its Russel Campus.

Bengal Heritage Project was an endeavour of the Bengalis resident in the United Kingdom with a joint effort with SOAS, University of London. The project also received the helping hands of University College London and Royal College of Gynaecologists. Patachitra artists, the one who paint on clay tiles or plates called ‘pot’ in Bengali.

On February 11, 2017, the project was launched with a Bengali Food Festival. The project will incorporate a clay idol making workshop which is a dying art in its homeland and receives interest and vigour only during the festival months. Dokra, kora mati and other handicraft items will also be promoted and traded. Textiles such as jamdani, kantha, baluchori etc will be made available.

Read the full news article here – link.

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