Guess what is more fun than travel? Yes, a travel challenge!

GoUNESCO Challenges will take you around the world and introduce you to heritage – natural and cultural – which is important not just to one country, but to the whole of humanity. Participating in these Challenges is a fun way to learn about WHS, don’t you think?

How do I participate in a Challenge?

Travel to any UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) and upload your picture there. Once the moderators approve that it is tagged with the name of the correct WHS and country, you will be awarded points. Points for each location are decided based on the method described in the details page.

What Challenges can I participate in?

  • Country Challenges are always for a duration of 1 calendar year.

That is, they start on January 1 and end on December 31st. One has to travel to all the WHS in a country in this duration. The person with the maximum points at the end of the year wins.

  • Create Your Own Challenges are just that – challenges that you create.

Think of a theme connecting different WHS and spin a challenge around this theme. You can choose the WHS which should be part of the challenge and set the time duration when a challenger should visit these WHS. Sign up and Propose a new challenge now!

The Epic Challenge

The Epic Challenge is to travel to all the WHS across the world – 962 of them in 158 countries! There is no specific time duration in which you need to complete this challenge – make this a goal to achieve in your lifetime.

Any more conditions?

None. You can travel with whoever you want to – your grandmother, spouse, friend, grandson, anyone! Use any transport you like – plane, train, bus or a tuk tuk. And, on any schedule you find convenient – weekends, weekdays or any other way.

What are you waiting for? Get off your computer and start traveling now.

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