Colvin Taluqdar’s: A Designated Residential College

The Main Building of Colvin Taluqdar’s used as the academic block even today.

Brief description:

Colvin Taluqdar’s is a school in Lucknow established in 1880 by Sir Auckland Colvin KCSI KCMG CIE (1838-1908) to educate the of Taluqdar of Oudh of those times. In here, the Taluqdar were brought to educate on the basis on their ranks in the state. Later on after 1950’s, this criteria of selection changed to admission by merit. This school has continued to educate for more than a century now.

The Founder Sir Auckland Colvin.
The engravings on each and every building is pretty amazing to have a glaze at. It is basically consists of two flowers( which I could not predict) and the one in the middle mostly denotes Hibiscus.

Each room in the building is approximately a 20 feet high, thereby even the ceiling fans hang from the roofs giving a very antique look to the room structure. (I mostly think such high roof tops helps in keeping rooms colder during the scorching heat of summer). The school is spread on a very large area of around 67 acres. It consists of the following:

  1. Main building or the Academic block right now.
  2. The ground in behind the main building is also extremely huge.
  3. The different houses which were/are present:
The Awadh house(Is currently closed. But remains also tell a lot about the old days as to how the Taluqdars may have resided): This house particularly contains two very royal horses which are less relevant in schools of today!
The Anjuman house(Is the only boarding place which is been used by the students studying the college do stay. The house do also have emmbedded at different places the Kings who lived by at the different rooms, and also the ones who helped in building the Common room)
4. The Vijayanta:
The Vijayanta: Is the FIRST INDIGENOUS Battle tank which was gifted by the Indian Army to add to the prestige of the school. It was given to the school because of the great ex-Colvinians who joined the Indian Army and got them a lot of glory. This is a symbol of Motivation for all the future Colvinians to do the same kind of work and thereby bring loads of success.

History of ownership:

As we can see above in the picture, this was erected by the known King’s and the Talquadar’s of those times, who did give some amounts of money in building this up.

The first Headmaster of the college was Henry George Impey Siddons, son of a Captain in Indian Army. The Principal Bodies governing in the late of 20th century were H. N Kashyap, H. L Dutt, S. N Tandon, S Mishra.

Current owners and stakeholders:

Currently, the Principal is Mr. Amarjyot Singh Bedi. Through their motto ‘Noblesse Oblige’-power entails responsibility, they are working for the success and glory of the school and the students.

The Managing Committee consists of the following:

  1. Raja Anand Singh(President),
  2. Raja Bahadur Mayankeshwar Saran Singh(the Secretary-cum-manager),
  3. Chowdhary Lamaan Hussain,
  4. Kunwar Manish Vardhan Singh,
  5. Rai Swareshwar Bali,
  6. Prof. D. P. Singh,
  7. KUnwar Jai Pratap Singh,
  8. Sri Rajesh Narain Singh,
  9.  Thakur Udayan Pratap Singh,
  10. Chowdhary Mohammad Naseeb,
  11. Raja Birendra Singh Parmar,
  12. Kunwar Vina Kumar Singh,
  13. Sri V. N. Misra,
  14. Sri, Satyendra Pratap Singh,
  15. Sri Vivek Seth.

This Committee of Management is dedicated to protect and preserve the beautiful, historical College buildings.

Comments and suggestions.

In 2013, the school was renovated and modernized. There was a make over of the main building which was thereby restored perfectly. This included the masonry repairs, complete electrical rewiring, replacing fans, and light fixtures. Yet, the Awadh house is in complete ruins, which should be taken care of.

Darbar Day or The Annual Old Boy’s Day

The great Darbar day celebrated as the annual day, and is actually spelled as ‘Durbar Day’ is a function when the Alumni’s of the school are invited. Various games and events do take place, between the old boys and the current boys do take part in such games. Thus, this is a event taking place every year where ex-Colvinians excitingly meet and talk about the memories of the past. Traditionally, the Governor of Uttar Pradesh who is the Patron of this College is invited as Chief Guest. This day is much talked about by all the ex-Colvinians throughout the country.

This day is celebrated every year from the times of 1921, Viceroy’s Procession, where the day was celebrated with a large number of elephants showing solitary and gratitude towards their Alma mater.