Performance Art Crossword Solutions

For Task 3, our interns were grouped into pairs and asked to make a crossword on the ‘Performing Arts'(Task 2) articles written by their respective partner. The outcome was- stimulating and fun crosswords.
We hope you took up the challenge of solving these crosswords. In case you got stuck with some clues, fret not! We got you covered. Here are the solutions to the various crosswords:

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Carnival Show of Belgium by Immaculee Katounke
2. The carnival character (UNITY)
5. The music played during Carnival (SAUMONES)
7. Most famous people on the events (GILLE)
9. Duration of the carnival (WEEK)
10. What the Gilles used to give the rhythm (RAMON)
1. Moment when the events begins ( SUN-RAY)
3. The Belgium city where folkloric events are performed ( BINCHE)
4. Event that follow the carnival (EASTER)
6. The typical costume look like (CLOWN)
8. The main activity of the Monday festivities (GAME)

Hungarian Folk Dances by Rux.avramescu

Hungarian Folk Dances by Rux.avramescu
Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 3.57.25 pm

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Shakespeare in the UK by Maria Gobbi
1. Globetheatre
2. Nineteenth
3. JamesI
4. Oxford
5. Wanamaker
6. Shakespeare
7. Theatre
8. Hamlet
9. UK
10. RSC

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Venice Biennale: Crossword by rdgounesco
2. Giardini
6. Vittorio Pica
8. Robert Rauschenberg
10. Doge
11. Venice film festival
12. Teatro delle tele
15. Hans Ulrich Obrist
17. Belgium

1. Argentina
3. Peggy Guggenheim
4. Nineteen thirty-eight
5. Jackson Pollock
7. Seven
9. Golden
13. Okwui Enwezor
14. Ivan Grubenov
16. Sarah Lucas
Answer Key: Sirenetta

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Asian Dance Maze- Crossword by Rita W. Nyaga

Asian Dance Maze- Crossword by Rita W. Nyaga
4. Youtube
6. Internet
7. Century
9. Decade
1. Puppetry
2. Flute
3. Click
5. Bangladesh
7. Rod

Flamenco Crossword by Aman Dixit

Flamenco Crossword by Aman Dixit

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Crossword on Vienna State Opera by Ana del Valle Duque

Crossword on Vienna State Opera by Ana del Valle Duque

1. Capital of Austria? Vienna
2. Which institution plays in Vienna the most famous New Year’s concert?  Philharmonic 
4. The representatives of the First Viennese school are Joseph Haydn and___?  Beethoven
5. For a classical music concert in Vienna you can buy tickets in the box office, via internet and on the ____? Streets
7. Who composed The Blue Danube? Strauss
8. Austrian composer and pianist who created ”The Magic Flute”? Mozart
10. Second annual symbolic event played by the Philarmonic is: Schönbrunn ___ Night Concert?  Summer
3.There are 1709 of those in Vienna s state Auditorium? Seats
6. Type of music played in Vienna Konzerthaus Answer? Classical
9. What is the English name of The Catholic holiday during which The OsterKlang Festival takes place? Easter
11. Orchestra’s director? Conductor
12. The most important venues for classical concerts include the State Opera, Wiener Konzerthaus and ____? Musikverein
13. What does a conductor use during the orchestra? Wand

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Crossword: Where the Celts Play? by Aleksandra Cwik
1. Gaita
2. seven
3. Scallop
4. Celts
5. Ortigueira
6. Mills
7. Ireland
8. Dance
9. Castros
10. Gaiteiro
11. Iberian
12. Madrid
13. Swabian
14. Breizh

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Intangible Cultural Heritage In Serbia – Crossword by Aashima Bhutani
3. Hungarians
5. Kolo
8. Folklore
9. Cultural

1. Nine
2. Traditional
4. Soko(Kud)
6. Minority
7. Petofi

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