Exploring New Cultures: Vernacular Architecture of New Gourna

Vernacular architecture is a structural style that is composed taking into account nearby needs, accessibility of development materials and reflecting neighborhood conventions. At any rate initially, vernacular engineering did not utilize formally-educated planners, but rather depended on the configuration abilities and custom of neighborhood manufacturers. In any case, following the late nineteenth century numerous expert engineers have worked in variants of this style.

It has been influenced by climate, materials used and cultural context. While regularly hard to accommodate with administrative and well known requests of the five elements said, this sort of engineering still assumes a part in design and outline, particularly in neighborhood offices.

Mud Brick Houses, New Gourna Source: architectureindevelopment.org


New Gourna is in Upper Egypt, the district possessing the south of the nation. Water is ample, notwithstanding for the further reaches of the settlement that are not straightforwardly on the Nile, as a system of conduits has been created throughout the hundreds of years, conveying water inland to manage life. Be that as it may, precipitation is rare and temperatures achieve 50 degrees in the late spring so the vast majority of the area itself is dry and quite a bit of day by day life for the occupants rotates around water.

A major issue for the Egyptian labourers of the mid twentieth century was the malady, Bilharzia (influencing approximately 150 million around the world). It contaminated the majority of the rustic populace by means of the water supplies is still a threat for a large number individuals over the world today. The parasites tunnel into any appendage that might be submerged, work their way up through the circulatory system and connect themselves to the sides of organs, entering them and creating blood misfortune. Their eggs are passed out and came back to the water to finish the cycle. Tainted individuals encounter an absence of quality and laziness that they may live with for quite a long time. Others are all the more extremely influenced and some pass on.

Reliance on the Nile was not something that could be changed so New Gourna was to include an intricate arrangement of trenches and lakes, confining and treating waterways trying to enhance the conditions. As the plan was never finished it’s difficult to say whether this framework would have been effective or not.

The mix of hot dry atmosphere and bottomless water source make for a perfect circumstance in which to deliver sun-prepared blocks, which were the key development material of the plan. Expelling the requirement for conventional oven terminating then evacuates the fuel utilization and carbon yield from the block making process.

Hassan Fathy is the Middle East’s father of practical design. Before it was chic or even fathomable, he was championing earth design in the trusts of conveying conventional lodging to Egypt’s devastated masses. Utilizing mud and other normal assets, he needed to free Egyptians from the ‘solid matchboxes’ that they lived in the swarmed and clamoring urban areas and give them roomy, earthen homes they could be glad for.


New Gourna showcases the capability of customary procedures as certifiable answers for some contemporary issues. The greater part of the structures here are worked from the earth of which they remain, as either adobe or, as much of the time, prepared mud blocks. A gigantic block creation yard was setup on location to supply the work with nearby water supply, built up utilizing the openings the produced by the unearthing of mud for blocks.

The venture outstandingly connected the antiquated Nubian Vault method, something Fathy is currently frequently connected with, having revived it. This procedure empowers vaulted rooftops to be worked without the requirement for the typical timber system and utilizing just standard mud blocks. Perfect I areas where wood is not a bounteous asset, especially in some parched districts where reaping what timber there is can bring about genuine disintegration issues. Numerous settlements utilizing earth as an essential building asset face such inconveniences when material as mud doesn’t actually fit building evenly.

The method itself is as straightforward as it is shrewd. Working off of a vertical divider, block courses are laid in calculated curves, slanting against the divider, every supporting the following. The initial 5 courses are not finished curves (the primary just comprising of a solitary block on every side) as they need to set up the grade. This delivers a vault with strengths working pretty much in customary way yet that is self-supporting from the very begin of development instead of requiring backing until the last block is laid.


Gourna was a town become out of tomb assaulting, a group of individuals who lived off of the returns of curios supplied by the antiquated memorial park, nearby which their settlement had built up itself, and in addition work associated with authority unearthings. The time came when the tombs were not as productive as they once were, tourism faded away and the powers turned out to be less and less tolerant of bandits. Unavoidably the Egyptian government in the long run chose the time had come to expel the Gournis from the verifiably critical site of the built up home.

At the point when Fathy was utilized to make another town to house the evictees he had effectively built up an enthusiasm for country or “worker” engineering, considering it to be a need in the fight against destitution in Egypt and contending the need to bring ways of life up in an economical manner for the long haul instead of having groups that were subject to help. The New Gourna venture tackled an ethos of making an economical group from the beginning. An agreeable building framework was built up with a vital preparing plan giving work, and maybe all the more imperatively the likelihood of a future profession for some Gournis, furnishing them with abilities that could be sold to different towns. (In spite of the fact that agribusiness was the foremost calling among workers for the most part, the farmland encompassing Gourna was sufficiently just to involve, best case scenario half of the present populace, which would actually be relied upon to extend). Working with the villagers along these lines additionally empowered the entire plan to be custom fitted to suit their aggregate needs and accordingly stand a vastly improved possibility of life span.

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