The Green & Clean Feroz Shah Kotla fort

Feroz Shah kotla Fort Neha Khanna

Alright to be frank, I didn’t really go to visit this fort! In fact, I had hardly heard of this place called Feroz Shah Kotla Fort. At the most I was aware of the famous Feroz Shah Kotla Ground. So, the story goes like this..

I along with a few friends had gone to shop in Connaught Place and while coming back a friend suggested that we should visit this place called”Agrasen Ki Baoli” which in itself is a beautiful place. But incidentally, everyone of us had visited it before and hence the plan didn’t excite us. We searched the internet for any other place near Connaught Place which could be a nice place to visit since the weather was quite pleasant. And google suggested us this fort named Feroz Shah Kotla Fort which none of us had heard of. In fact a friend kept arguing that there is no fort as such. It is the ground that is being talked about. After much ado, we hired an auto and reached the fort within 20 minutes.

And boom, we see a huge gate (i mean it) welcoming us. We went inside and believe me, I hadn’t seen a cleaner monument as that particular fort. So serene and beautiful. But there were some destructed structures and rock patterns but what caught my eye was this magnificent tree which was the biggest tree that i had ever seen and i must say, the most beautiful too. moving ahead i could see some gardeners working there and it was amazing to see that people cared about this long lost place. We strolled on and saw the surprise element of the day! The amazing Ashokan Pillar which stands tall on a three tiered structure. It was made up of iron and by the sight of it, it looked relatively old and I was told by a man that it was brought by Feroz Shah Tughlaq from Ambala to Delhi and it bears the edicts of Ashoka’s principles. Quite impressive, I must say!

This fort had a lot to offer. Beautiful scenery, a not so known chapter of history and of course a lovely experience. The huge structure emphasized the fact that the fort had a lot to boast about. I feel that this place is quite underrated. I loved the way it has been kept- Clean and Green! I will surely visit this place again .

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