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According to the 8th task we had to interview a few people and I did, my friends from college and it was a lot of fun. This task would have been incomplete if it weren’t for my friend SANTANU GHOSH, a non-GCA member for his constant help and support. Many of my friends are shy and didn’t want their pictures put up.
The questions that I had asked were:
1. Do you know what is a ‘Heritage Site’ ?
2. Name a few.
3. Would you like to add any other place to the list and why?
4. In what ways can awareness be spread about these ‘heritage sites’?

1. Yes I do. It’s a site with historical and cultural significance and is therefore protected by the state.
2. Heritage sites in Kolkata would include the Indian Museum, Sovabazar Rajbari, National Library and St. Xavier’s College.
3. Yes. I think a few old residential buildings, like old mansions should be added to the list as they bear a more personal testimony of a bygone era
4. A great way would be to organize events like exhibitions in these places or make interesting documentaries about them.

1. Yes. These are places of natural or cultural importance.
2. Red Fort, Ellora Caves and Ajanta Caves.
3. Yes. I would like to add Silent Valley to be a part of the heritage sites. It is so because I had done a project on this park and by the research I feel that it has immense scope to be a heritage site as it is an area of vast natural importance.
4. Through including more chapters about ‘heritage sites’ in school textbooks. Also through social networking sites as people are most active there.

1. Yes. A heritage site is a place of physical and cultural significance.
2. Agra Fort, Humanyun’s tomb and Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary.
3. Chowrasta Mall, Darjeeling Ziro and Arunachal Pradesh.
4. The UNESCO can create it’s own tourism department and have conducted tours of heritage sites. This will not only create awareness as it is done by UNESCO but also create jobs in different countries.

1. According to my knowledge a heritage site is a place of historical importance and it has been declared a heritage site by the government to keep it away from such threats like construction and to preserve our culture and heritage. A building has to be at least a hundred years old to be declared as a heritage site.
2. Victoria Memorial, National Library and Princep Ghat.
3. There is an old temple near my house which is more than a hundred years old and has many folk tales associated with it.
4. I think the best way to spread awareness is to educate the masses about our rich culture and heritage. People should be fully aware about the heritage sites and should recognize places which can be potentially declared a heritage site and take care in not tampering with it.

1. Yes. It is of special cultural and natural significance.
2. Colosseum, Eiffle Tower and Taj Mahal.
3. I would like to add the peak of Kanchenjunga as it is not a place of scenic beauty alone but it is much more than that. It breathes peace by itself.
4. Through new media, proper awareness about these can be spread.

1. Yes
2. Taj Mahal and Great Wall of China
3. No UNESCO is good job at recognizing them
4. Better tourism

1. Yes
2. Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Taj Mahal
3. No, because I’m not sure which all are already on the list.
4. We can spread awareness by incorporating these heritage sites in documentaries and fact books, promoting tourism.

1. Not technically.
2. National library and Victoria Memorial.
3. The buildings of the old colleges may in the city.
4. Audio visual advertising.

1. Yes I do.
2. Roman Theatre in France and Sunderbans in India.
3. Nothing at the moment.
4. Government initiatives to promote these sites and to create an awareness. Teachers educating the students about these sites.

1. One which is declared as a historical monument By UNESCO and protected by the same.
2. Taj Mahal , Mysore Palace and Pyramids in Egypt.
3. Badami caves in Karnataka because it is a place of historical significance and requires more attention.
4. More TV ads and promotions.

1. Yes
2. Victoria Memorial and the Sanchi Stupa.
3. Not that I can think of.
4. I think those heritage ads are enough.

1. I think I do. Are they sites which showcase the heritage of a particular culture and thus are worth preserving?
2. Taj Mahal, Sanchi Stupa and The Jaisalmer Fort.
3. Yes, I think some monasteries in Sikkim and perhaps the Dal Lake in Kashmir should be on the list.
4. I think the internet would be a good way to spread awareness in modern times.

1. Yes.
2. Victoria Memorial and St. Paul’s.
3. –
4. I think if the younger generation were more aware about the history of these sites they would care more.
1. Yes
2. Red Fort, Qutub Minar and Fatehpur Sikri
3. –
4. By utilizing social media

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