What does heritage mean to you ?

We often overlook others perspective of various things. Sometimes we disagree and it can be one of the many reasons why we overlook or sometimes we are just too ignorant.
So in this task I had to ask my friends and family, What Heritage meant to them.
Here are the following responses .

R1-It means to pay due respect to something

R2-Heritage for me is a form of storytelling. It is an inheritance of the art, creativity and hard work of millions of people who have lived, which makes it essential to be preserved for the future generation to see and marvel upon.

R3-Heritage would be tradition passed on from generations which modifies in time

R3-Heritage: Well I come from a country that is known for its heritage! Heritage is what we as a nation have inherited from our forefathers and plans to pass on to our grandchildren! People come and go! But heritage lives on !

R4-Heritage is basically traditions that gets carried down generation to generation. Like in the human race the only thing a person can hand over to there children is wisdom and tradition to keep it alive and kicking. Traditions and customs is what defines a persons identity as to where comes from. And people from the same clan take forward there heritage as a community.

R5-Heritage can be considered as an object of immeasurable value. Also the object that can be inherited.

R6-Heritage for me is the learning preserved for the better of the mankind by our ancestors who believe that it’ll help us on our path towards progress and prosperity

R7-For me heritage to me would be the passing on of platonic qualities of love and internal realization of the light within rather than self indulgence and gratification of immoral passions.

Well I asked some kids from school the same question and their instant action was to Google the definition. Hence, I did not add their responses.