Islamic Cultural center,a beautiful place to visit

islamic cultural center

The Islamic Center Cultural located at Nyamirambo, in vibrate place in Kigali city, the most living place of Muslims in Rwanda.

The center built in 1979 between the friendship of Rwanda, Libya and United Arab Emirates. It was for the project to promote Islamic cultural in africa.The centre has different activities Education,Health,sport and Islam culture center.

I visited the public library of center, it is a good library with many books of religion (prophets, Quran). It has a good conservation of Islam of the world. It is in that library I seat with my visitors, some of them  are the student of Quran, others are Christian. I explain these young Rwandan the history of Islam in Rwanda, how it is coming in Rwanda in 1898-1907.we discussed about religion in our society, how we can live together even we are in different religions. We was talking also about modernization, how they young people are taking   western culture, how we forget our cultures, traditions.

Bernard is student in secondary school and Christian, he told us he was happy to meet the Muslims, it is  a good to live together between  muslims and Christian. Even they don’t have the same culture but they are the humanity and Rwandans.

My friends Ismael from Nigeria, he share us about Islam in his country how the Nigerian live together in their religions (traditions, Christian ,Islam…). He likes the center how it help the Rwandan to have all service they want.

Abdoul is student of Quran, he is happy to be Muslims and to live with the Christian, He believe the belief of others. He meet the Christian in different things, in this period they are in Ramadan Month, he share the if-tari  with his Christian friends and he will invite them on Id il Fitr.

The event was good, I meet with the young Rwandese and we share ideas about Rwandan cultures and religion. we learn how we must live together and believe cultures of others. In my research I had the chance to learn many things about islam, the visitors are happy to hear the Islam history in the country and I am engaged to help the Muslims to write the books of history of islam in Rwanda, for a good conservation of that religion history in the country. The Director of center from Libya gives me a book’s gift.

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