Langhe – Must Heritage

Hilly area and its vineyards (Langhe) in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont – Italy.
Hilly area and its vineyards (Langhe) in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont – Italy.
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I believe in magic.

It is what UNESCO work for. Its duty is to protect what the nature or our ancestors left us. It’s been a while since Langhe have entered the important label of World Heritage Site. The day before the proclamation I was there. I was falling in love with a large number of sweet hills, covered up by a perfect alternance of vineyard lines and ground. Those hills hide lots of secret.

They are poetry, but they aren’t a written text.

They give us one of the best wines all over the world, the Barolo, but they don’t drink.

They  produce the White Truffle, but they can’t smell its scent.

I believe in their magic, in the magic of the Langhe area. It is a perfect mix of nature and men’s work. When we talk about sustainability we should consider what the ancestor of Barolo, La Morra, Dogliani, Alba and lot of other small town sited there did. The Langhe are like an open book. You have to read the lines that our forefathers wrote. These lines are the vineyards: there are no particular things to do for understanding what you read. You must live them, as you need silence to capture the power of a poetry.

I believe in the magic of the humanity, where it works for the well being of everyone. The ancestor that shaped these hills worked for the humanity, but they didn’t know that. They didn’t know what would happen a few century later, after they started the transformation of local grapes in must.

It must be UN Heritage Site where we make wine.
The Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato – Italy