The Museum of Contemporary Art in Srpska

The exibition „Petar Lubarda 1907-1974-2017“ in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka, represents a part of the rich opus of a painter who impressed  audiences all over the world.

That was around the time when the Kozara museum was formed, with the goal of gathering and preserving the achievements of the National Liberation War and the memory of the Kozara’s epopee. In the city of Prijedor, there is also the Memorial house of the family Stojanovi?, the dependence of the Kozara museum. Here is a “Historical exhibition about the family Stojanovi?” with a special reference to Mladen Stojanovi?, doctor, humanist and revolutionary, one of the organizers of the Uprising in Kozara, 1941, and the national hero of Yugoslavia was held at the museum. Also, pictures and sculptures from the opus of Sreten Stojanovi?, his personal items and numerous catalogs from before and after the Second World War, were placed.

Museum “Kozara”; Prijedor, Republic of Srpska, B&H

The memorial complex “Kozara” at the Museum of Contemporary Art

The green beauty of the Kraina, the mountain Kozara is insurmountable. The area, was pronounced an air spa in the times of ban Milosavljevi? (the ban of the Vrbaska banate from 1929 to 1934), with summer houses on Mrakovica, and a certain quantity of residential houses and two guest houses with 22 rooms for staying overnight.

Sreten Stojanovi?: Portrait of painter Petar Lubarda (1950); The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection, Novi Sad; Image: Lorana Malovi?: The memory of the 20th century and the years that marked the history of Yugoslavia.

Today, this region with the area of 3.907,54 ha represents the National park “Kozara” for the purpose of preserving and protecting cultural, historical and natural values. The monumental complex on Mrakovica, erected as a sign of memory of the fighters and the people of the Kozara region that suffered during World War II, with the museum “Kozara” lies nearby to the residential areas. The artifacts, documents, pictures and sculptures, represent the cultural goods of the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the world, national and regional level.

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