The Paris Metropolitan Crossword

The Paris Metropolitan Crossword

6. Jacques belgian singer
7. Electric instrument
10. French festival
14. Musical wind instrument
17. Woodwind instrument
18. The river of Paris
19. Piaf, french singer
20. One of the stations
22. Espace Métro Accords
24. Station in french
26. Synonym of remembrance
27. Music category
28. Antonym of relax

1. Diminutive of metropolitan
2. A group of performers
3. A stringed instrument
4. Synonym of sleepy
5. Ben famous singer
6. One of the stations
8. To move rhythmically
9. Famous Parisienne museum
11. Hand drum
12. Gainsbourg, french singer
13. Estimative number of users, in millions
15. Capital of France
16. Two stringed bowed instrument
20. Group of people
21. Inner skill
23. Art of sound in time
25. Exposition Universelle
29. Régie Autonomie des Trasports Parisiens


This crossword is based on Yann Gohier’s article “One day in Paris Metropolitan and its musicians” (

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