About Us


To Make Heritage Fun!


Make Heritage Fun is a citizen led umbrella of initiatives that make heritage more engaging. Started in January 2012 as a travel challenge with the goal of visiting all world heritage sites in India, Make Heritage Fun now has grown to a multitude of initiatives.

  1. Challenges promote heritage tourism and understanding. Participants in country challenges are challenged to visit all World Heritage Sites in a country in one calendar year. There also are lifetime challenges where the goal is to visit all WHS and experience all ICH on the UNESCO lists.
  2. Started with one 6 month internship in 2014, we currently run 3 different internships. All our internships are equal opportunity, online and location independent.
    • The flagship Internship Program is a global student outreach program which is designed to make heritage more fun to young people. It is a 6 month certificate program in which more than 500 students from nearly 40 countries have already participated. Through simple, fun tasks, these students are being made aware of heritage around them and all over the world.
    • The Content Writing Internship requires participants to write in-depth, well researched, engaging articles exploring different themes related to heritage. Led by our experienced Editor, participants of this 4 month internship are put through their paces with a rigorous focus on quality over quantity.
  3. Make Heritage Fun! is a global volunteer driven campaign to encourage laypersons to experience and engage with heritage in all its forms – built, cultural, intangible and so on. One of the other main objectives is to initiate global conversations about local heritage These events are conducted almost once every three months and coordinated centrally by us. These events have now been organized in 120+ cities across the world.
  4. Go Heritage Runs, an offshoot takes a unique approach to engaging with heritage. By organizing runs at heritage locations, we are trying to engage visitors in activities at the site. In addition to showcasing the heritage location in a different light, the Go Heritage Runs make the participant aware of the landscape, culture and people that make up this site.
  5. Go Heritage Store is another offshoot which along with Go Heritage Runs funds all our activities.

Legal Status

We are registered as The Heritage Collective Education Trust (Reg no – 1135/2014-2015/BK) in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Grants and Funding

All our activities are currently funded by Go Heritage Runs. Technology infrastructure supported by Google for Non-Profits.

Prior Funding

  • One time grant from Hyderabad Runners Society in November 2014 to promote the idea of running at heritage sites.
  • One time grant from Jindal Foundation in April 2015 for promoting heritage of Hampi.
  • One time grant from Kapil Group in April 2015 for promoting awareness of heritage in Warangal.
  • One time grant from Mrs. Geeta Srinivasan (INTACH Nilgiris) in May 2015 to promote awareness of heritage in Ooty.
  • Funded and maintained by founder since January 2012.