Find WHS experts

Task Description

This task is an extension of Task 2.

Part 1
Find three people who are considered experts about the WHS you have been assigned. List them, their website, etc contact (this will not be published directly on the website) and explain the work they have done which makes them an expert for this WHS. If the work is publicly available, please add a link.
Who is considered an expert for this task?

  • Historians who have studied the WHS and published papers on it,
  • Conservation or preservation experts who have worked on a project at the WHS,
  • Manager at the WHS (in India, ASI manages all world heritage sites, but many abroad have organizations specifically to manage each WHS)
  • A travel blogger who has written an insightful article about the WHS
  • In case of natural sites, it can even be a forest ranger
  • A local tourist guide with considerable expertise
  • A photographer with focus on this WHS
  • A person from a local heritage/culture organization
  • An NGO which works with issues related to the WHS

Part 2
Contact them over email (or in person if possible) and do a short interview to get their perspective about the world heritage site. Please introduce yourself initially and mention why you are writing to them, follow it up with a brief questionnaire.


  1. You cannot have more than one expert from the same field. For example, all three experts you choose cannot be travel bloggers.
  2. Find the experts soon and write to them. It is possible that some of these folks are busy and may not respond immediately.

Expert Advice on Quito

The World Heritage Site (WHS) assigned to me was Quito. The city of Quito ...

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