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bodh gaya


8:00 :

11AM :
1.30PM :

3.00PM :

3.30PM :

6.30PM :

7PM :


Meet caravan backpackers in Kolkata and begin tour to Sundarbans

(Details given in following website:
Three and half hours of journey by car/van (non AC) to Godkhali, the last road point.

Cross over to the island of Gosaba, which has no car or electricity.

Reach our eco village resort in the village of Satjelia and followed by lunch.

A walk through the beautiful paddy fields and the village of honey collectors and fishermen, looking out for local rituals and beliefs.

Country boat ride for bird watching, during two to three hours, spotting seven types of kingfisher, egret, brahmani eagles, pond heron, black cormorants etc and above all getting introduced to the lovely mangroves, with surreal creatures like fiddler crabs, mud skipper fish etc.

Return to the eco village, just after the sunset.

An enchanting evening with the local musicians with their age old musical instruments, trying to understand the local music in their backyard. A session of refreshments.

Dinner is served according to the leisure of every individual guest, getting prepared to spend the night in the mud cottages of our eco village or in the sleeping cabins of our boats, ELMAR and PARA SIEMPRE.


Total distance: 102 kms

Total expenses of tour (inc. lodging and food): Rs. 10,000

Tentative additional expenditure of Rs. 1000 for food


6.30 am: We try to start as early as possible, board our personalized engine boat, ELMAR, get the required permissions from the forest office, which is just opposite to our village, and head off into the jungle, for our rendezvous with one of the biggest mangroves of the world, rich in flora and fauna.
This boat cruise will last till sunset and during this period we will visit 3 watch towers, namely Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali and Dobanki.
Cruising  the small channels and creeks we will try to spot different wildlife, spotted dear, wild boars, civet cat, monitor lizard, crocodiles, dolphins and of cos the ROYAL BENGAL TIGER.
Breakfast, lunch and other refreshments will be cooked and served on the boat.

At sunset we start our journey back for Kolkata and reach by 9 to 10pm.


Total distance : 102 kms


2:45 pm

10:10 pm

Board Shatabdi Express from Kolkata to Puri. A journey of 502 km. Train ride costs Rs. 243/=.
(Refer Train journey in following website : )

Reach Puri. Take cab to hotel, Surya Inn.
(Refer hotel cost at following link :;sid=f229adb1b486d97e778eee6f6ab5db6f;dcid=4;checkin=2014-08-01;checkout=2014-08-02;ucfs=1;srfid=7d351f7dabdb07028224dd0589cb261ab0280ac4X3)
Car ride is tentatively within Rs. 400.

Accomodation is Rs. 1400.

Dinner at hotel tentatively Rs. 600.

Total distance travelled : 502 kms

Total expenditure: Rs. 2643



Morning after breakfast at hotel

(9:00 am)
2:00 pm
7:00 pm

9:50 pm

Hire a taxi for the day from the hotel. Taxi for the day should cost Rs. 800/=.

Travel to Sun Temple at Konark (300 m away)  and also spend a few hours at the nearby Chandrabagha beach (4 km away).

Lunch at nearby restaurant. (Approx. Rs. 500/=)
Head back to hotel and pack to leave. Checkout soon after and take same cab to train station.
Board Purushottam SF Express (12801). Cost of train ticket is approx Rs. 500/=.
(Refer train route in following link : )
Dinner on the train (Approx. Rs. 200/=)


Total distance covered: 8.6 kms Approx. (not including distance covered by the train)

Total expenditure: Rs. 2300.



2:00 pm

5:00 pm

9:00 pm

Breakfast and lunch on train (approx Rs. 400/=)
Train arrives at Gaya Junction. Check into Rahul Guest House.

Cost of accommodation is Rs. 700/=
(Refer to following link for hotel details : )
Walk around to local monuments and monasteries
To see in Bodh Gaya :

  1. Mahabodhi Temple
  2. Bodhi Tree
  3. Thai Monastery
  4. Great Buddha Statue
  5. Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple
  6. Royal Bhutan Monastery
  7. Chinese Temple
  8. Vietnamese Temple
  9. Animesh Lochan Chaitya

Dinner at Mohammad’s Restaurant. Cost approx Rs 300/=

Spend night in hotel


Total distance travelled (mainly by train) : 1869 kms

Total expenditure : Rs. 1400/=


8:00 am – 8:00 pm Visit remaining sites in Bodh Gaya from list above

Cost of breakfast, lunch and dinner approx Rs 800/=
Cost of accommodation : Rs 700/=


Total distance travelled (mainly walking or by public transport): approx 10 km

Total expenditure: Rs. 1500/=


8:00 am

12:50 pm

3:25 pm

9:00 pm

Check out of hotel and take a car to Gaya junction (10 km)

Cost of car approx Rs. 500/=
Board Gaya Khamakhya Weekly Express (15619)
(Refer to following link for train details : )

Cost of train approx Rs 250/=

Lunch on train approx Rs. 150/=

Arrive in New Jalpaiguri (554km). Take car to hotel (69.8km), Hotel Golden Heights Enclave
(For hotel details please visit the following link :;l=Darjeeling,+India;q=Hotels+in+Darjeeling;d=2014-08-01;n=1;usd=1;h=2221295332700092430;si=;av=d )
Cost of accommodation is Rs. 1380/=
Rest and take a walk in the evening to take in the sights.

Dinner at Glenary’s  (approx Rs. 500/=)


Total distance travelled: 633.8 km

Total expenditure: Rs. 2780/=


8:00 am

10:40 am

12:40 pm
1:00 pm
2:00 pm

5:55 pm

Have breakfast and take hotel car (approx Rs. 800/= for the day) to see the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and the Toy Train
Take joy ride on the Toy Train (less than Rs 240/=)
(For details on joy ride, refer the Train timetable in the following link : )
Return from joy ride
Visit St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling (my father’s Alma Mater)
Lunch at Glenary’s (Rs. 500/=)
Check out of hotel and take car to New Jalpaiguri
Board Ghy Jivachh Lin
Cost of train journey is Rs. 652/=
(Refer to the following link for the train details : )


Total distance travelled: approx. 50 kms

Total expenditure: Rs. 2192/=


1:15 am

7:00 am

Arrive in Rangiya Junction. Take car to Bansbari Lodge. Total cost of travel is Rs. 2800/= according to the following link :
Will have to spend some time sightseeing because hotel won’t allow check-in probably until atleast 7 am.
Check-in at Bansbari Lodge and register for elephant ride into Manas National Park
Cost of accommodation per night should be within Rs. 1800/= approx.
After breakfast, go for the elephant ride whenever it happens. The rest of the day can be spent exploring the national park or the surrounding area.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner at hotel @ approx Rs. 1200/= collectively


Total distance travelled : 471.4 km

Total expenditure: Rs 6300/= assuming the elephant ride is approx Rs 500/=

DAY 10

7:00 am Start early and take the jeep ride through the national park from sunrise to sunset and explore its wilderness.
(Refer to the following link for information regarding the elephant ride and the jeep ride : )


Total distance travelled : 70 kms in the park

Total expenditure: Rs. 4000/= assuming the jeep ride is approx Rs 1000/=


DAY 11

7:00 am
8:12 pm
Take boat ride through Manas National Park. Breakfast and Lunch at hotel @ Rs. 600/= approx
Board train at Khoirabari
(Refer to train route at the following link : )
(Refer to cost of travel at the following link: )
Cost of travel is Rs. 3910/=

Dinner on train @ Rs 200/= approx


Total distance travelled: 317.1 km

Total expenditure : Rs 6510/=


DAY 12-15

12 am Reach Kaziranga (Vishwanath Chrli) and meet the tour guides. Go to the hotel.
Over the next few days, will be part of a tour organised by Kamakshi tours. It will last 4 nights and 5 days.
Please refer the details of the tour at the following link (Kaziranga Safari 2) :
Cost of tour is approx Rs. 25,000 including food, lodging and transportation once in Kaziranga.


Total distance travelled: approx 700 kms over the 5 days

Total expenditure: Rs. 25,000/= plus a tentative Rs. 2000/= in case of unforeseen expenditure.




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