My UNESCO trip from starting from Hyderabad


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My travel itinerary starts from Hyderabad. It covers 10 World Heritage Sites within a span of 15 days.I hope this might be useful for a economic tour plan which covers

1.Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

2.Great living Chola Temples

3.Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram

4.Elephanta Caves

5.Ellora Caves

6.Ajanta caves

7.Group of Monuments at Hampi

8.Group of Monuments at Pattadakal

9.Churches and Convents of Goa

10.Konark sun temple


Day 1: 18/07/2014

00:00 :- Reach Secunderabad station,Hyderabad

00:25 :- Board Chennai Central – Nagarsol Weekly Express

09:40: Will reach Aurangabad station

10:00: Reach Hotel Kartiki.Check-in.

11:00: After breakfast, proceed for a day-long excursion to the Ellora caves,30kms from Aurangabad.

14:00: Head to Ajanta caves,108kms from Ellora caves.Lunch @MTDC restaurant which is on the way to Ajanta caves.

17:00:-Reach Ajanta caves

22:00:- Return to Hotel Kartika,Aurangabad and relax.

Distance Travelled:

Secunderabad to Aurangabad – 501kms

Aurangabad to Hotel Kartiki – 3.5kms

Hotel Kartiki to Ellora – 33.5kms

Ellora to Ajanta – 108kms

Ajanta to Hotel kartika – 122kms

Hotel kartika to Aurangabad station – 3.5kms

Total- 771.5 kms


Train Fare-880/-

Auto fare-50/-

Hotel -520/-

Bus fare -600/-(which includes from ellora to ajanta, to&fro  )

food – 1000/-



06:00: Reach aurangabad railway station via auto.

06:30: Board Nizamabad – Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express

13:55:- Reach Mumbai Chhatarapati Shivaji Terminus.

Chhatarapati Shivaji Terminus formerly known as Victoria Terminus was inscribed as a WHS in 2004.

14:45: Check in- Hotel City View near Mumbai Central via auto.

15:30: Freshen up and have lunch and relax that day.

Distance Travelled:

From Aurangabad to Mumbai: 380km

Mumbai CST to Hotel City View: 4.5km



train fare-750/-




Day3: 20/07/2014

08:30: Have breakfast and rest. Freshen up.

10:00: Take an auto and reach Gateway of India.

10:30: Take a ferry to Elephanta Islands.

11:00: Explore The Elephanta Caves.

13:00: Lunch @MTDC Hotel is a good choice.

16:30: Leave for Gateway of India.

17:00. Reach Gateway of India.You can spend good time @Starbucks.

18:00: Reach the Guest house via auto.

20:00: Have dinner in the hotel or in any restaurant nearby.

Distance Travelled:

Hotel City View to Gateway of India: 6.2km

From Gateway of India-Elephanta caves and back via Ferry- 22km

Gateway of India to Hotel City View- 6.2km



Total auto fare:300/-

Hotel City View- 800/-

Gateway of India to Elephanta Caves via ferry- 150/-


Total: 1950/-

Day 4:21/01/2014

9:00: Wake up and have breakfast.

Mumbai is a big city with a lot of attractions. You can spend a day by visting these places.

Attractions which could be considered are:

1.Haji Ali Dargah

2.Marine Drive

3.Juhu Beach

4.Essel World

5.Worli Fort


7.Nariman Point

8.Film City

20:30: Reach to Hotel City View and have dinner

Distance Travelled: As these places are within the city so i can’t precisely calculate the travelled distance.

Expenditure: Around 3000/-


Day 5: 22/07/2014

05:00: Reach MCT station via auto

05:25: Board Dadar – Madgaon Jan Shatabdi Express

16:00:- Will reach Madgaon station

16:30: Hire a taxi and reach  North Goa.

17:00:Reach Palmarinha Resort .Check-in.Freshen up and relax for sometime and have a nice dinner.

Distance Travelled:

Hotel City view to MCT station-4.5kms

Mumbai to Madgaon – 580kms

Madgaon to North Goa – 38kms

Total -622.5kms


Auto fare-100/-

Train fare-670/-

Taxi fare-550/- ( madgaon to north goa )

food – 1000/-




08:30: Freshen up and have breakfast

09:30:Explore all the churches in north goa.

19:30: Dine at some restaurant.

Distance travelled:

Its around 100kms as within the city


Day 7: 23/07/2014

08:30:Freshen up and have breakfast.

09:30:Head towards Hampi via bus.

17:30: You will reach Hampi.

18:00: Reach Hotel Karthik via auto .Check-in

17:30: Fresh up and have dinner.Relax that day.

Distance travelled:

North Goa to Hampi – 340kms

station to hotel-5kms



bus fare-600/-

auto fare-50/-




08:30:Freshen up and have breakfast.

09:30:Visit to Monuments of hampi which is considered as WHS.

13:30: Lunch @ Mango Tree restaurant which is a good choice

14:15: Head to Pattadakkal temples and monuments

19:00: Reach Hotel Karthik and have dinner.Relax

Distance travelled :

Hotel karthik to hampi temples- 11kms*2 = 22kms

Hampi to Pattadakal temples – 138kms*2 = 276kms



bus fare-300/-




08:00: Freshen up and have breakfast.

09:00: Reach Hospet station via auto

09:45: Board HYB KOP  express From Hospet To Hubli.

13:40:Will reach hubli station.Board VELANKANNI EXP from Hubli to Thanjavur.

Distance Travelled:

Hotel Karthik to Hospet station – 16kms

Hospet to Hubli – 143kms

Hubli to Thanjavur-989kms

Total -1450kms



Auto fare- 100/-

Train fare-450/-

food – 1000/-



Day 10: 26/07/2014

09:50:- Will reach Thanjavur station

10:30:- Hire a auto and reach Sitthi Residency.Check-in

11:00:- Have breakfast in Sitthi Residency or maybe other restaurants nearby

12:00:- Head to Chola temples which is a WHS in thanjavur

14:00: Meanwhile have lunch at nearby restaurants

18:00: Explore all the temples and reach Sitthi Residency,rest for sometime

20:00: Dine @ Marry Brown Family Restaurent which is the best choice

Distance Travelled:

Thanjavur to Sitthi residency – 3.5kms

Sitthi to Chola temples – 13kms*2=26kms

Total – 29.5kms


Hotel- 890/-

auto fare- 100/-

bus fare-150/-

food – 1000/-



Day 11: 27/07/2014

07:15: Reach nearby bus station via auto

07:45: Head to Mahabalipuram by bus which takes 5hrs to reach

13:00: Have lunch @ MoonRakers restaurant which will be good

14:30: Visit the group of monuments at Mahabalipuram which has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

19:30: Reach Chennai by bus

20:30: Reach Aravindar Residency.Check-in and have dinner.

Distance Travelled:

Sitthi to bus station – 3kms

Thanjavur to Mahabalipuram – 276kms

Bus station to Temples – 3kms*2 = 6kms

Bus station to Chennai = 50kms

Chennai bus station to aravindar residency – 3.5kms

Total- 3380.5kms


Auto fare -50/-

bus fare – 250/-

Hotel fare-1300/-

food – 1000/-



Day 12:28/01/2014

09:00: Fresh up and have breakfast.

Chennai is a big city with a lot of attractions. You can spend a day in visting these places.

Attractions which could be considered are:

1. Elliot’s Beach

2. Anna Zoological Park

3. Marina Beach

4. Dakshina Chitra

5. Covelong Beach

6. San Thome Church

7. Muttukadu

8. Sri Parthasarathy Temple

9. The Anna Centenary Library

20:30: Reach Aravindar Residency and have dinner

21:30: Reach Chennai central railway station via auto

22:00: Board Chennai-Puri SF express to reach Puri.

Distance Travelled:As these places are within the city so i can’t precisely calculate the travelled distance.

Chennai Central to Puri which is Odisha- 1205kms

Expenditure: Around 3000/-

train fare- 890/-

total- 3890/-


Day 13: 29/07/2014

Spend the whole day in train.

20:45:Will reach puri station.

21:15:Reach Hotel Sonar Tori via auto which is nearby to railway station.Check-in and have dinner.

Distance travelled:

Puri station to hotel-5kms


auto fare-60/-



Day 14:30/07/2014

08:30: Freshen up and have breakfast.

09:30: Visit Konark Sun temple via taxi which is considered as WHS.

20:00: Reach hotel and have dinner.

20:30: reach puri station via auto.

22:30: Board Bhubaneswar-Pune SF express to reach secunderabad.

Distance travelled:

hotel to konark temple-40kms*2=80kms

hotel to puri station-5kms



bus fare-200/-

auto fare-50/-




16:45: You will reach secunderabad station

17:30: Head to Golkonda Fort and Tombs nearby.

20:30: Reach home safely 🙂

Distance Travelled:





Train fare:1150/-





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